Meal plan for the week

im new here i have type 2 and its hard to think of somthing for lunch and dinner anybody have any great ideals

I have learned to take the time on Saturday or Sunday to sit down and go through recipes on line or in cook books that I want to try for dinner. I cook for my dh and myself and so it has to work for both of us. I write those down and post them for the week. Lunch, I’m not really very organized on. I do make enough dinner to make up a frozen or leftover’s thing. But usually my son steals those away. So I’ve learned to stock up on lean cuisine or whatever for lunch, adding some additional vegies.
I use skinny cow and crackers with some yogurt for lunch, if I am going to be gone. Have found some great lunch salads and soups that will work with the carbs…check out our meal line here, there are some great cooks here. And if you find something good, please, please share. We all come up short of ideas at times.