Any compulsive meal planners out there?

Help! As if things in my life aren’t stressful enough. I had an ‘incident’ a couple days ago and it’s scaring me. The doc thinks I either had a mild heart attack or passed a blood clot through my heart or brain. They’re not sure. Going for more tests. Add a cardiologist to the list of doctors I see on a regular basis. This list is getting too long for me!

Point of this post however is I need help planning meals. I have gotten to the point that I have no interest in food. I am still bad at learning the carb counting thing and even worse at measuring/weighing my food. The joy in eating has left me at the moment due to all of the work involved.

While pregnant (when my diabetic nightmare started) I had a 4 week meal plan and ate only what was on the list and did very well with it (of course I only had to get through 6 weeks). I need to get there again, and fast, but don’t have the time to do the research on carbs and such in foods. Is there anyone out there as compulsive as me and have such a meal plan put together to give me a jump start?? I have 2 funerals, a graduation and a friend just starting chemo for a brain tumor all in the next week and I just need someone to tell me what to eat!

ps. my husband failed this test when he made me chicken, potatoes and white bread for dinner the other night while I was at the hospital. He means well but hasn’t quite figured it out yet.