Meat and Fat Diet

I came across this randomly, and I love the historical footnote it provides for current discussions regarding protein+fat diets.


It is interesting to see how people love to obsess over what we should eat. Since our bodies evolved from our ancestors having existed as hunter-gatherers for nearly two million years, grains, fruits, vegetables, and rare but heavy indulgences in meat when some animal was caught are what we are built to feed on, so it is probably best to feed the machine with what it was designed to use as fuel.

Countries with high protein diets have higher rates of kidney disease, so as diabetics with a high risk of developing renal failure, it is probably best to go easy on protein. Since many more diabetics will have reduced renal function than actually have overt kidney disease, and since heavy protein consumption in the presence of reduced renal function can accelerate renal decline, diabetics are generally safer not to consume too much meat. Also, while the article is correct in noting that just eating protein will not necessarily produce gout, eating protein in the form of the internal organs of animals, such as liver and kidney dishes, certainly increases uric acid levels and with them the risk of gout.

Interesting,never heard of the history of this before. I just couldn’t eat a lot of meat,I do like it. Nancy50