Medical bracelet

Anyone know where I could order a medical diabetes bracelet. Something cool…sterling silver. They are all so UGLY…so if you know of anything cool could you please send me the info.

I just rec’d a new diabetic bracelet from!! I love it! they have a lot to choose from

there is another site…

Hello! yes They are so nice and they even have interchangeables clasps.Also they have a inspireing message if you choose . Hope. Take Care and happy:) shopping. diabeticidol94

I had this one done at one of those ministores in a mall, recently while in Boston. The guy engraged “diabetic” on it: has a variety of rubber bracelets with Diabetic on it. they come in almost every color and are only a few dollars apiece. they are great for kids who don’t want heavy metal bracelets or if you want a different color for every outfit. I am an adult and wear them. I even have one that matches my nursing uniform. you might want to check it out.