Medical ID bracelets for kids

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find nice, kid themed medical ID bracelets?

Lauren’s Hope has cute girly things:

My Daughter’s wrist is super small (her bracelet is just under 5" end to end) and I was worried about anything looking big and clunky. I started buying the 1-1/2" x 3/8" plaques from sticky j (online company) and then taking them to a local bead and jewelry store who charges me $7-$12 to make the bracelet for her. At first I had the website do the engraving but it was expensive. The bead store I use knows a local company who will do it for $7. So I can get beautiful looking bracelets made in all sorts of styles for less than $20. The best part is as she grows the bead store told me they will just re-thread the bracelets and add the few extra beads on for free. & if she breaks it just bring in whatever beads we can find and he will re-thread it for free. I figure we will be doing this for a long time to come so the future service really wows me. Unfortunately now that I found this out I am trying very hard not to go bracelet crazy and get one in every color. It is like hair bows when she was a baby. I got a little out of control then too.
Good Luck!

coolmed id .com awsome and cheap lots to choose from. This is only bracelet site that we have found that the products hold up to swimming, camping, heat an play. every color and even glow in the dark and camo. awesome

Hi Robin! I’ve been asking myself (and Google) the same question during the past month for Lily. She’s a month short of 5 and has tiny wrists, plus, being so little, I’ve been concerned about her even leaving it ON :slight_smile: That, coupled with the huge amount of money going out of our pockets since her diagnosis 1 month ago has left me delaying a purchase.

So, we’ve finally decided to order a customized ID WITHOUT any sort of a bracelet attached. I plan on buying different colored ribbons to tie on, as well as making different bracelets.

In fact, I was right in the middle of placing an order on my favorite kids’ site, (Zulily) for this: Make your OWN bracelet!

And we’re going to make bracelets, or anklets next month while we’re at our cabin on vacation. (No TV :slight_smile:

I just think that this will allow more flexibility, as well as creativity to something that she may or may not enjoy wearing.

Oh, this is the link to the tag that we’re ordering also." target=…

Very Cute, and super versatile. Order one tag, and as many bracelets as you want. Or…ribbon :wink:

My son is going to be 3 this month, so he has a tiny little wrist. We get his bracelets from sticky j online. The ones we like are sports band type. You can choose a band with whatever pattern you like or even get more than one so you can change it up whenever you want. You just get one id tag that can be slipped on and off the bands. They are also difficult for kids to get off, so if that is a concern these are a great choice. Hope this is helpful!

We tried several others but they were not very durable when getting wet and such. And cool med id is inexpensive enough that you can get several different colors or prints.

Very useful info. I was wondering where to find a bracelet since day 1. Google search did not help too much! Thank you all!

Always hoping for a cure for diabetes.

That’s a great deal Ellen! I do feel like these companies charge quite a bit for these.

I found my daughters necklace at Sticky Jewlery on line. They have braclets and such as well. All sorts of things.