Medical ID information

I am about to purchase a medical ID for my daughter. What kind of information should I include besides her first name and last name? Do I need to add the words “diabetic”? or is there a symbol for diabetes that I need to purchase. what about any additional information. Our phone number, or he diabetes care center at eh hospital?

I appreciate your comments.

I am not sure what people usually put on these, but we put the following:
First and last name
type 1 diabetes

on the front with the medical alert symbol.

On the back, we put all our phone numbers…

I don’t like to refer to Logan as “diabetic”, I try to say "he has type 1 diabetes"
I don’t know why this distinction is important to me, but it is.
So we identify him that way… good luck!!

When we were still in the hospital I overheard the nurses talking about how they were going to cover one person’s break, and one nurse said, “OK, I’ll take the diabetic” and I found myself in tears—Eric is only 18 months and I do NOT want him to grow up as “the kid with diabetes” or “the diabetic”, which is a distinct possibility given that we live in a small town and all the kids he goes to school with will grow up knowing him that way. Eric is a boy, not a disease, and I don’t want him being defined by his diabetes. So when I get his bracelet, that’s exactly what I’ll put on it too.

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