Medtronic Carelink and Windows 8

Hi everyone, I'm new here and this subject is how I found you guys.

I finally bought this Carelink software from Medtronic for my sons pump only to find out that it apparently does not work with Windows 8. I don't
work well with Windows 8 either, but that's another subject.

Anyway, now I am wondering if there is anything else that I could use to create charts and reports or to send the pump info to our Diabetes team.

Does anyone know of anything else that can do this?

Thanks in advance for any help!


hi, I don't know the answer but here's a little post with replies from Holger, he's got a free program called Glucosurfer btw that you may like. he's also very knowledgeable about computer stuff

I use Carelink software, which is included when I purchased my MM pump. Carelink is an internet Web-based program, so I'm confused as to what you have purchased ? You get to the Carelink program by going to the medtronics website, and I think should work with Windows 8.

Or did you purchase the Carelink USB that allows you to send the pump data to the Carelink software ? (This usually is included with pump, but maybe not older ones).

If so, then you are probably trying to install the 'drivers' for the USB device.

Call MM technical support and they should be able to help.

Looks like they are changing their website around, so you can go to, and find Carelink on the top of that page. You need to create a userid and password. Works best if you use IE (Internet Explorer) instead of Firefox, Chrome, etc).

Or is it possible you purchased the Carelink Pro version, typically only sold to medical practices, and does not use the Internet based Carelink software?.

I had the same issue when I upgraded to Win8. Part of my package was a Contour Next USB meter that works to upload the pump readings. Another part is the meter connects wirelessly to the pump. The only "problem" is I get a warning (with all my browsers) that carelink is not compatible. I just click past that and for almost a year it seems to work just fine.