Medtronic QuickSet Infusion Set

Here’s someone talking about an O-ring problem from back in the day. This would be related to infusion set failures. I know stuff has popped up more recently. Pump Reservoir O Ring Failure

Here’s someone mentioning it more recently. If you smell band-aids or see liquid where its not supposed to be, that might be a leaking reservoir. Technology Breakdowns

In summary, look for O-ring problems (related to the infusion sets) and retainer ring problems (related to the pump). It should be easy to do a quick visual inspection for each.

1.) Look for insulin leaking out of the infusion set reservoir (it will be wet and smell like bad-aids). And,

2.) Broken or missing Retainer ring (photo provided by Mila).

I’ll try to go back and edit these thoughts later so its more concise.