Medtronic Insulin Pump Infusion Sets recalled!

Guys I found this out through reddit. If you are using any quick sets please run the lot numbers. Every extra infusion set I had at work was affected by the recall. I went home early today and found that I need to send back over half my current supplies. According to Medtronic rep I spoke too; all the sets affected by the recall were made this year. Please follow this link:

Also you can go straight to the check lots page and start putting in your lot numbers if you want too:

I asked where my letter in the mail was; they said, “Its coming.” I am sorry but I really feel this is unacceptable. Why did they not email us this info? A lot of us have email addresses on file with Medtronic.

I had a severe hypoglycemic reaction that required hospital care last November and I wonder if this might have had something to do with it. If you are using these sets there is the possibility of overdose.

Check your lot numbers!!!

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