Medtronic Supplies Available

Hi all! I just switch from Medronic to the Tantem T Slim X2 and have two unopened boxes of MiniMed Quick-set (23 inches) and Reservoirs, when I say boxes I mean the whole order shipments so lots and lots of left over supplies. If anyone could use them please let me know as I do not want them to go to waste. I’d be willing to ship or meet up if in Southern California.

Also, I’m a week into the Dexcom G6 and love it, and a day into the T Slim and obsessed if anyone is thinking of making the switch. I’m nervous about airports once I do start traveling again since the TSlim will set off the metal detector but I’m sure it will all be fine and become the new normal for me.

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I should have also mentioned the reservoirs are 3ml.

hi…can you take a pic of the quick set? im interested but i dont know what the quick set is…is it the one that you use the inserter?

Here is video. Yes it can insert with or without inserter.

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so they are the ones i have :)…cool…ill take them :slight_smile:

My medtronic would set off metal detector at airports. I learned you can put pump, medical stuff in plastic ziploc bag, and hand to tsa while you go through detector. Then they visual/hand check bag.
But I have tandem now too!

Here is an image of what I have - do you want everything (res + qs) or just the quick set? Again it’s two boxes of full orders so probably 8-10 boxes of each.

My medtronic never set it off! I could sneak on through sometimes without even getting my hands wiped, I’m sure it will be fine. Just different.

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I switched a few months ago and really miss the quick-sets!
Good luck with your transition.

ooo thats what i use :)…ill take them if no one else has said they want them :slight_smile:

yay! ill email you right now…ill put a subject that says tudiabetes thread. so that way you know its me