Medtronic veo bolus insulin delivery speed

My daughter currently has an Animas 2020 pump that delivers bolus insulin at 1 unit per second which is much too fast causing pain on delivery.
I was just wondering what speed the Veo delivers at as thinking of swapping.

Hi Michelle,

When i tried the Animas 2020, i used an angle set, cant remember which, with saline, and it stung quite badly on bolusing. But when i tried the 90 degree angle set, there was stinging, but it went away after about a day of use. I am now on the minimed and have not experienced stinging with the bolus since, because of the much slower delivery. you can use a 6 minute square wave every time, but its a lot of effort, and if you can afford to switch then perhaps you should. You should try all the different sets first i suggest, but the minimed is definitely good from a stinging point of view.

Hope that helps

I have always used Medtronic (for 12 years now), and have NEVER had any pain with boluses. And I’ve taken some as large as 10u (obviously for a pig-out! LOL) I’ve used Humalog and Novolog as well, and found no difference.

Before you commit to changing pumps, see if you can get a trial period. You would know within a day or two whether it helps. Which I hope it does! :slight_smile:

The bolusspeed for a Veo is +/- 0.15 units per second.