Medtronic's Recall

I just got a letter from Medtronics today that was dated May 11, 2011 it says:

RE: Smith & Nephew’s SKIN-PREP Protective Wipes and UNI-SOLVE Adhisive Remover Wipes

Dear Medtronics Custemer:

Medtronics has been notified that the Smith & Nephew has initiated a voluntary recall of their SKIN-Prep Protective Wipes and UNI-SOLVE Adheasive Remover Wipes at the request of the FDA. It has been determined that the SKIN-PREP Protective Wipes and UNI-SOLVE Adheasive Remover Wipes were made in the same manufactering plant that is currently subject to a voluntary recall due to potential bacterial contenination.

The lot number’s of the affected products are listed below:

The following lots of UNI-SOLVE Adhesive Remover Wipes that are affected are:
OF224, OF228, OF239, OH185, OH226, OK207, OK233, OK234, OM149

The SKIN-PREP Protective Wipes that are affected are:
OG185, OJ85, OK254, OK255,OL205, OL206, 1A246

The lot number is stamped (not ink-written) on the bottom of each indiviual pagkage.


  1. Check the lot numbers of your Smith & Nephew SKIN-PREP Protective Wipes & UNI-SOLVEAdhisive Remover Wipes to see if you have any affected lots.
  2. Discontinue use & dispose of the affected lots immediantly

If you have any additinal questions relating to this notification or any questions in general please contact us at800-646-4633 option 1

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

At your service


I just wanted to let the users of these products know about the recall

Is this a new one because this already was in the news and they started resending out new and safe batches once again (at least Animas did)?
Except it was for IV Prep…

I just wanted anyone who used those products to know about the recall. I don’t use them (I’m kinda a old fashion diabetic) but I know that many of our member’s use them. I only check my p.o. box 1 time a week (wewnt a little over this past week though) I didn’t want this too to affect their health.

If this is the old recall, this makes Medtronic slow (not your mail checking!).