Some new changes:

So went to my endo appt. went pretty good. He told me I didn't have to take the metformin/januvia anymore if I didn't notice my blood sugars doing anything...which they wouldn't I'm happy about that...I hate HATE hate taking pills!...can't you tell? lol I always get so nervous and have trouble swallowing them..I know it's a mental thing...I just can't get over it. So he tweaked my settings and my blood sugars have been really good today.

Another new thing..I've been going for walks lately and I think they are really helping...right now I'm just walking a mile-mile and a half..usually takes me about 30 mins. to walk right now I'm happy with the progress I'm making..the only problem I have been having lately is my left foot and calf starts cramping I don't know maybe I have to stretch or something before I go for my walk? endo wants me to see a neurolgist? because I've been having numbness and tingling in my hands..usually when I'm 10 minutes into driving somewhere...unfortunately they won't be able to get me in till we'll see where that leads... Does anyone go to a neurologist? Is this a normal thing??

Thats all for now.. :)