MiaoMiao for Freestyle Libre

I’m asking about the MiaoMiao device. I wonder if you’ve have experience and enjoy using it? My question is this: My Libre sensor is not always accurate, especially as it goes very high or low. If the MiaoMiao transmitter will trigger an alarm at the slightest sign of glucose irregularity caught by my Libre, can I trust it?In other words, are there many false alarms or is the MiaoMiao truly helpful in preventing lows? That would be wonderful!

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I would wait for this - IMHO -

Question - what does not always accurate mean - how much is it off?

If you are gona spend 200 on miao may as well just try to order the T2 from Europe to see how it works

Hey, thanks for your reply!

My Libre can be off by 59-60 points at the extremes-when I’m vey high or low. So it means I can’t trust it from about 65 or so and going down. It can take several hours to right itself. I’m wondering if the MiaoMiao would catch the situation before it gets so drastic.

The miao miao is simply an NFC to Bluetooth converter, and it doesn’t work with the us 14 day sensors yet…I had better luck with xdrip app, miao miao, and10 day libre because you can calibrate, but calibrations are not recommended during rapid highs and lows, or during meals or insulin…I found xdrip’s predictions to be very accurate, and you can use different MP3s for high, low, predicted high or low, etc. I would let miao miao know you’ll buy one after they figure out the us 14 day sensor…I think ambrosia said they are working on it also, but I would not spend $200 until the us 14 day sensor is verified. I agree with tony24 on the libre 2, but Id rather wait than purchase a German reader, German sensors, not knowing if you can change the language on the reader, etc…have you looked into eversense? That’s what I did because for me, Dexcom would have been $2500 to start.

First are you in the US? If so then the US Libre sensors won’t work with the MiaoMiao or any other add on devices. If you are anywhere else, then the MiaoMiao is an excellent addition to the Libre but it depends entirely on your calibrations and you will have to calibrate several times a day (at least I did) I rarely got false lows and the spike app for iOS or xDrip for android are great with plenty of cool features.

Watch for the Droplet. In 1 or 2 month it is availeble in Europe and USA for Libre 1 and 2 and for the USA market. See https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/droplet?source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG

Shalom Firenza,

I am in Israel. That’s another consideration–knowing how to calibrate the MiaoMiao or other device without a trainer or live support (is there any?) You mention the spike app for iOS–can you tell me any more about this, and how you might rate it against the MiaoMaio? And again, my principle question–will it catch the downward trend at whatever number I set it, perhaps 75, so it doesn’t plummet into false readings?

Thanks everyone!!

The readings that the MiaoMiao collects have to be sent to your phone in order for you to see them but you need an app to receive the readings. The MiaoMiao can be used with the app that the company that makes it provides but as far as I know it is only in Chinese. The spike app and xDrip are made by the same people so they are mostly just the same thing just developed for the different devices.

I can’t say for sure if whether or not it would give you false lows but if you calibrate it to a certain number then it will stay there. It won’t revert back to the standard Libre reading, but if you do choose to calibrate it while it has dipped into a sharp low then you will have to watch it carefully for the next few hours to insure you are getting correct readings. Calibration is fairly simple and the app will give you instructions on how to do so. The rule of thumb when calibrating any CGM is only calibrate when the number is steady for the last 15 or more minutes and of course clean your hands before testing to insure an accurate reading.

Unlike the Dexcom if you calibrate it while it has been sharply rising or falling it will not throw the whole thing out of whack you just may need to do an extra calibration later to correct it. The apps are supported on Facebook by users and volunteers (along with the occasional input from the developers) aside from the bug reporting feature in the app which is really only supposed to be used if the app isn’t working correctly. The only reason I stopped using the MiaoMiao was because Abbott encrypted the US sensors so you can’t use third party devices to read the Libre so I switched to Dexcom.

Ginat, the readings from the interstitial fluid are a little slow to catch up, but that’s where the glycemic index will help. If I drink dextrose, or glucose tablets with dextrose, my numbers will be back to normal within 20 minutes…however, if I’ve overbolused, or ate a chocolate candy bar, it will take a while for the readings to be accurate, but that should be expected. Most cgm users will look at predicted lows, and spike or xdrip will alert you early if you prefer to set it up that way…I have mine set to 30 minutes, and have never experienced a false low… I stopped using the us 14 day just like firenza because it stopped working with the miao miao, but again I went to eversense and love it… know they are working on medicare approval, but I’m not sure if that’s relevant for you… plus you probably need something now…

After a shower where I held my arm up, out of the water, I started getting false readings from my Libre.

Libre - 53
Stick - 135

Libre - 70
Stick - 149

I took off the Libre and I will just stick until next Thursday. I love my Libre usually.

Three things screw it up:

  1. Bumping it, but not always
  2. Showering, but not always
  3. Reading it with my IPhone app


Reading it with the iPhone app? Not sure if you have already done this, but if you call them, they will replace it, and mention the iPhone app issue…they replaced 5 or 6 for me…only had to send 1 back. My sensors kept falling off in the winter, although I do live in Maine, so winter is usually 30° for 4-5 months.

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Abbott has has apple and android apps to read 10 and 14 day sensors

the android one has only been available for less then 2 weeks - they are great - the android one anyway - not an apple fan here.

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With readings like that just from taking a shower you can get Abbott to replace the sensors. I’ve had several sensors replaced by them when things went wonky or they fell off early.

I have replaced two sensors already. This one I just chunked.

Thanks Tony24, I was just letting robert117 know Abbott will replace the sensors when they fall off. I’m personally on my 40th day on eversense and they are excited you don’t have to finger stick except for calibrations, which is a required medicare approval step, so I think they are getting closer to medicare approval. In order for me to have my watch work with it, I had to set up a nightscout account, and use a modified European eversense app for xdrip, but the readings still come from the eversense app. I think eversense is great though…I’ve had no problems after I upgraded from my 3 year old s7

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Hi Ginat
As I am located In Israel I would like you to confirm that MiaoMiao works ok connected to freestyle libre bought in Gefen medical?
Should I know anything more before ordering MiaoMiao?

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to answer. I never tried to use MiaoMiao in Israel as I graduated from the Libre to Eversense, and am enjoying that now.

Good luck!


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The only issue so far has been the u.s. 14 day sensors, however, the miaomiao2 solved the problem, and the technology is great as long as you use an android phone and xdrip. Miao miao has developed a tomato app for ios, but I am not familiar with it. I have purchased the old blucon, miaomiao, and miaomiao2, and am currently fine with the miaomiao2, however, I would plan on receiving it 2 to 4 weeks after ordering it.