CGM Alerts for Freestyle Libre 14 days Sensor in U.S

Hello All.

For those of you using the 14 day Libre Sensors in the U.S. There seems to be an announcement that the Miao Miao Smart Reader now supports the 14 Day Libre Sensors. The Miao Miao can send results every 5 min to your Android phone. This means the Libre can work like a CGM with Alerts for 3/4 of the cost Dexcom or Medtronic. Has anyone used the Miao Miao with a android device w/ 14 day sensors? Does it work well? It is suppose to use xDrip so I was wondering if the Miao Miao connects well with bluetooth and what happens when there is a disconnect when out of range. The reason why I ask is I heard from another user that you have to reset and or reinstall xDrip everytime you lose signal. I doubt this is the case but I just want to confirm.

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I don’t think we have many users here, but people have been posting more and more about it. You might search the site for users by clicking the magnifying glass icon and searching for miao miao. It keeps popping up. You might be our new miao miao expert.

Great news. I have the xdrip plus for android and miaomiao2 now working with the freestyle libre 14 day sensor. This gives me realtime CGM tracking to my android phone or iwatch. This is in the U.S.! So far, very impressive. I love the predictive tools where I can enter my BG and it will show my trend line and predict a possible low and how and possible action. For those not familar with the system, miaomiao2 provides bluetooth capability to the freestyle libre 14 day. Here is a screen shot:

I have used the dexcom G5 and enlyte/guardian with my 670g pump. Im very impressed with this Freestyle solution. I wish there is pump integration but it helps as a great cost effective and feature rich cgm alternative. This might be a good alternative if you are throwing in the towel with enlyte /guardian or dexcom. Certainly more tools, fraction of the cost, easy to use, solid reliability for those who suffer from reliable sensor operation/placement and functionality. Again no pump integration at this point but great tooling for those that are hands on. Comes with built in tidepool and nightscout integration. All you do is turn it on. Still working out the kinks and testing. Very accurate so far.A few unicorns. Trying to figure how to integrate bg meter also to the system.


I can also confirm the miaomiao2 will work with the us14day sensors, however, it does not work with android wear watches yet. It only works with miaomiao2 s version of xdrip, and the notifications still work on the watch, the glucose readings do not. I’m trying to receive help from miaomiao2, but there is a 24 hour delay give or take due to the time difference.

Maybe integration with the tslim x2. Hopefully it can be used with basel-iq & conrol-iq

So after many replies to miao miao, they sent me a github link for a nightly xdrip download, and my watch is back in action… I honestly rarely ever check my phone for my glucose, especially when driving, as its in one of my cargo pants pockets so the watch fix helps me a lot. It also looks like all future xdrip versions will support the miaomiao2 oop algorithm fix, it may need about 10 minutes to have the initial 2 readings.

Roger, this is awesome. What watch do you have and can you share the link? I think all the newer versions of xdrip support the miaomiao2, but you still have to choose the oop algorithm. I have the ticwatch 4g pro because it is android wear and works better than widgets, and has 1gb of ram, where the previous ticwatch pro only had 512mb, however, the dual LCD screen is useless and does not show glucose levels

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So, would you get the same watch again knowing what you know? Strange aas OOP is a option xdrip but I cannot select it. Possibly because it is running in the background?

Technically out of process libre algorithm

The calibration is locked out, but its always been locked out or grayed out… I would buy the same watch, the battery life is usually 24 hours unless I have tons of highs or lows because the warnings drain the battery due to the vibrating notifications…I tried a few other watches, but android wear is safer than widgets… plus those did not work with eversense, and one thing I constantly use android wear for is the snooze option for lows or predicted lows. The past week or so I had to dig my phone out to snooze and it was annoying.

Got it. Good feedback and great information. You are spot on the OOP selection for libre. I have the same enabled. I will say that I get notified on new versions of xdrip but I cannot install them for some reason.

I’m not sure if all xdrip versions work yet, but if you save your information 1st, then delete or uninstall the current version, installing the new one will work, and you’ll have to reload your settings… the old appmm2 had a new download lock since it didn’t quite work yet…

Roger, does your setup ask for calibrations every day?

No. One if your settings is probably wrong… I probably should calibrate more, but its been about 7 days…