Setup Miaomiao + Spike = No result > HELP!

Hello all,
Really need your help, maybe I missing something
I just received my Miaomiao and have installed Spike app on my iPhone X … I charged the Miaomiao and followed the Spike “starting instruction”. The Miaomiao is recognized by Spike

The problem I’m facing is that i have no result coming at all. Even after few hours waiting

Please help me ?
Thank you

Can you post a screenshot of the sensor page? If it’s connected could there be an issue with your Libre sensor? Try closing the app and reopening. Is the MiaoMiao properly situated on the sensor so it can get readings? My transmitter page has a firmware number and a battery level so maybe it’s not working right. Did you get an initial request to calibrate?

Thanks Firenza for your support
In Bluetooth I can see the Miaomiao
When I scan with the Libre app it works
And I set up as they asked
Indeed i do not see the firmware and battery level
But when I remove the Miaomiao
I have the message see attached

just to add
I’m following all the starting instruction but it never asked me an initial request to calibrate ;(

The screenshot I was asking for would look like this

Is there a start date and sensor age listed for your sensor?

If there is then I would assume the issue is with Spike but I would try making the app forget the MiaoMiao and then go through the setup again. If that doesn’t work then delete the app and re-download it. Before you do that though click on the + sign on the upper right corner and see if you can calibrate because the app will not show any data until it gets that first calibration.

If all else fails start contacting Spike and/or MiaoMiao for customer support.

Hello again and thanks for your answer.
In the sensor page there is nothing.
I reload the app but nothing
In fact my idea is that my Libre do not communicate with the MM. the MM communicate with Spike as I see the MM in Spike.
I investigated and seems my Libre 14 days US ( il live in California) is a recent model and the MM firmware need a update as Spike app too !
I connected to blucon abrosia and their blucon is not yet compatible with the libre 14 days too
I’m really sad because neither MiaoMiao and blucon specify in their website, when you purchase them, any info oblitéré the compatibility
I lost 200 usd already : (

Holy cow WHAT! Wow I just picked up the 14 sensors and haven’t tried to start one up yet but if this is true then I’m in big trouble :grimacing:. My pharmacy isn’t able to get the 10 day sensors anymore so I was forced to switch to the 14 day. Is it a problem with the spike app or the MiaoMiao? Is this info from the companies or your own deductions. Where did you see this info? Can you post a link?

See attached image found in FB miaomiao group

Aw Man! I hope they get this sorted really soon. Do you have any idea what is involved with a MiaoMiao firmware upgrade?

blucon said beginning feb , it will be updated
i think I’m gonna go to blucon as they have a servic, know brand and desk to answer question vs Miaomiao they are in China and nobody answer !!!

Hi guys, do you have any updates on the Miaomiao working with the US 14 day version of the Freestyle Libre sensor ?. I just received my unti from China I plaid 245 US plus 55 import duty. The Miaomiao wont receive data from the sensor. What I would like to know is how to do the firmware upgrade. Will I need to send it back or is it something we can do via an app. I read somewhere that it can be done over Bluetooth but I cannot find any details anywhere on the web.

Right now, I have an inventory of six 14 day sensors and have spent $ 300 US getting the Miaomiao. If the Bluecon is an option I would rather just puchase one of those for now. Any updates would be welcome.

Thanks, Alan

None of the add on devices currently work with the U.S. 14 day sensors. Abbott encrypted them and the app developers haven’t figured out a way around it yet.

Im having the same problem. Did you find a way to fix it