Libre US 14 days, MiaoMiao2 on xDrip+ Questions

I am a Dexcom customer moving to Freestyle Libre due to cost and lousy healthcare coverage.

I use the Samsung Note 9 and have purchased Libre US 14 days and MiaoMiao2 in hopes of replicating something similar to what I had.

I am using the instructions provided by MiaoMiao support

I seemed to have successfully updated the Miao Miao firmware using steps 1, 2 and 4. Interestingly enough these instructions don’t list step 3.

I got to the picture under step 4 and there were two choices in chinese characters. The first choice seemed to do nothing so I backed out and selected the second choice.

There is a note about not using the latest Android version, I had been keeping up with Android updates and maybe this is causing a problem. Not sure and dont know how to go back to an old version.

In step 5, I installed the OOPalgorithm apk file. I now notice my Phone battery dies very quickly. Battery capacity is consumed so quickly it is not even worth using the tool.

Not sure if it is this OOP Algorithm or maybe Xdrip+

After step 5, they list another step 4. OK, I can deal with that.

I installed this specific version of Xdrip+

The second Step 5 says to make sure Xdrip+ and OOP Algorithms are both running. I have them both running.

Step 6, I went into teh settings and enabled Xdrip+ to use this algorithm. There is no submit so I assume the setting stuck and backed out.

Step 7, I went to the home page and enabled Xdrip+ to Pair with my MiaoMiao which is connected to the first Libre Sensor I ever installed on my arm.

I set start sensor and there is a dot on the Xdrip screen at the time I did this. An hour later, nothing new has appeared on mt Xdrip screen. I have to keep my phone plugged in to avoid killing the battery so not a very portable solution.

So I figured I should give the Libre reader a try. The Libre reader did not recognise my sensor was started using Xdrip+ so I had to use the reader to start it.

I waited another hour, still nothing on the Xdrip+ screen but I was able to get my first reading. It is now 15 minutes later and I have been able to get my second Libre Reader reading.

Still no luck with Miao Miao and Xdrip+ other than a phone I can no longer use.

So I am looking for input from others who may have had success. I really want to get this working as I don’t want to rely on the manual NFC reader.

For some strange reason, I now see data on my phone. I guess I did it correct and there was some delay in the data appearing.

I am still hoping someone has an answer on the battery drain issue.

Good call. The libre is the best for not good insurance coveraged and or those who are self employed. In most cases high out of pocket dectuables is another so libre is a no brainer. It wont be long where they should get a iCGM status I hope.

Agreed. And given my Insurance will not pay, Costco Pharmacy Member Program sells them to me for $37.50 per 14 day sensor. But I guess I shouldn’t turn this into a pricing discussion or I may never hear an answer to my Andriod Battery Drain issue.

So far I am using the Miao Miao Arm Band with no sticker while I am gaining trust in the system. I need to be able to periodically move the Miao Miao to do an NFC Scan for comparison purposes. When folks are using the double stick tape or other tape are they not using NFC at all or do they offset the Miao Miao so the Freestyle Reader can properly read the data? Mine is nearly impossible to read with the Miao Miao on top.

Interesting. I have the NFC app from abbott on my phone. I use this interchangeable with xdrip. I have the armband as well. I do not use reader provided by abbott any more. I dont have to move the armband for the scan. In fact, I can scan even with tape over the libre and the miao together.

Are you using MiaoMiao2 or MiaoMiao1? The 1 doesn’t seem to fully overlap the sensor from pictures I have seen.

I woke up this morning with the armband and MiaoMiao2 properly positioned over the Libre Sensor

For some reason xDrip+ stopped collecting data as of about 12:40 AM. I have been monitoring since I woke up and still no more data

The screen says connected with Tomato Battery at 93% and signal missed 428 minutes ago.

So far this system seems very unreliable.

Any idea how to get the xDrip+ to make a new reading?

It still has a few bugs, but remembering my $2500 deductible and my 1st Cigna quote of $1688 for my 1st 90 days of Dexcom motivates me to work out the bugs. I imagine you have the oop algorithm set to every 5 minutes… if not, that will drain your battery. At work, my phone is always on my desk on a wireless charger, and I use my watch for glucose readings… might be something to consider…its been working fine for the past 2 days now after electronically lecturing the miaomiao2 programmers… I hate to be the bearer if bad news, but the oop app, and xdrip constantly running Bluetooth will drain the battery, if your phone is 2 or 3 years old, you might want to upgrade or buy a wireless charging battery pack… but it will add weight… If you upgrade, maybe stick with the s10…smaller screen = longer battery life… plus Samsung notes had the fire issue so they are scared of big batteries…

and make sure Samsung workaround is checked, and you can also try rfdiuno support in the less common settings, Bluetooth… the Samsung workaround will be in the oop libre area…hope this helps…let me know if you have any other questions… I’ve been using xdrip since around 2017 when the 10 day libre came out…back then I was on the g4, but failed at replacing the batteries and I threw out all of my old transmitters

thanks my Note 9 was brand new 1 year ago so I am not ready to change it. The battery life was supposed to be better than the Galaxy S9 and S9+ so I think the fire issue is behind them. I do have external batteries that I will use if I must.

I have the 5 min option set in oop algorithm, but I was playing with that and maybe that was the cause of the problem. After rebooting the battery isn’t draining as quickly as it did yesterday.

I like the watch option but am holding of on spending another $200 for a watch right now.

I do have the Samsung workaround checked. It seemed to have been the default or somehow knew it was installed on a Samsung as I didn’t have to touch that.

I could not find an rfdiuno support option in “less common settings”.

So now that my battery seems somewhat OK, my next challenge is to understand why xDrip+ stops loading (or displaying) data. I mentioned in an earlier post that it stopped last night at 12:50 AM. Finally today after putting a pin in teh MiaoMiao2 Reset and starting the sensor again, xDrip+ somehow pulled in all of the missing data. I thought if it missed a reading or set of readings it would be gone for good.

So either the sensor is storing the 5 minute data points (which I dont think it is) or my phone was collecting the data and it just was not displaying.

Then a little less than an hour later, it one again has stopped collecting or displaying data. This is something I need to get fixed. I can reset every time I need a reading. That is no better than using the Freestyle reader.

I would try updating the miaomiao2 again… there seems to be many different updates available and some are for the European/10 day us sensor… try to match your miaomiao2 serial number…I had a little trouble, updated again, and its working a lot better now…the rfdiuno is in the less common settings, then Bluetooth settings… seems to help with newer samsungs… with the blucon, it won’t work unless that is checked, and is often unchecked every update, etc. Also…is your phone always with you, or do you abandon and return often? The new update should help, but sometimes it helps to forget the sensor in the system status screen, go to phone settings, search for a new device… it should find the miaomiao2 with the correct serial number, try to pair it again…should be rejected, then go to the Bluetooth screen, use the toothpick or paperclip, pair it again, and it should work again… then remember how you have to sell your car to afford a Dexcom

I recently noticed after I updated xdrip that some of the Settings changed and Bluetooth was horrible until I put the settings back…the problem is each phone and Cgm is a little different, but these work for me

You should also change the timer value for Bluetooth watchdog…it is defaulted at 20 minutes, but I changed mine to 10…this might affect the battery a little, but that should solve any Bluetooth issues, or at least playing with the settings should help

I have put the MiaoMiao aside for a bit and am just using the Libre the way it is supposed to. The amount of effort to get it to work correctly didn’t seem worth the effort. I will try again in a week or so but I am fairly pleased with the standard process using the Libre Reader.

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To be honest, the miao miao xdrip setup is a little more work, but I found that when it disconnects, I can go to the Bluetooth phone menu, search for a new device, then go to xdrip system status, restart, and in few seconds-5 minutes depending on how long it was disconnected, it will show readings again…which is a lot better than having to reset it. The xdrip setup is also a lot more beneficial for insulin Dependent users, as the 15 minute-6 hour duration mixed with carb guesses, activities, etc will often bring unexpected

(Continued) highs and lows, where the xdrip alarms are key. The ability to set distinct predicted low, low, high alarms as different MP3s is something I’ve used since 2017 when I started using it. However, if I didn’t use insulin, especially fast acting insulin, the normal libre probably would be fine for me too.

Thanks for pointing out these advantages. If the system would allow me to use both Libre Reader and Xdrip in parallel that would have been ideal. I have been using Dexcom for many years and now I am 13 days into Libre. So my initial thoughts are that Libre alone is not as bad as I had imagined and the $37.50 costco price offsets any issue I had. Now that I have gotten the hang of using with NFC, I will use the sticker to glue miaomiao to the next sensor and give it a more serious try.

I am happy to hear you can assign different mp3’s to different alerts. A huge improvement over Dexcom, which I am also still using (getting rid of some expired sensors while my transmitter is still working)

and that 6 hour duration is quite annoying. They couldn’t use memory to support 8 hours? I hate the gap I get in the morning.

I use the fast acting insulin but am not as aggressive as I should be with it so my issues are almost always highs not lows. I guess a more reliable system would allow me to be more aggressive.

Oh, I am so disappointed in Freestyle Libre. I didn’t realize you had to take a reading before the sensor expires to get the last cycle of data out of it. It can’t remember the last 6 hours before it expired? That’s just lame and one more advantage of using MiaoMiao2

Set an alarm a few minutes before expiry and take a reading

Any idea if I need to start the sensor from xdrip for this to work. I finally decided it was time to try and get this to work again with MiaoMiao and I am not having any luck connection. It keeps retrying but never connects. My bluetooth is on, I have selected the MiaoMiao from the bluetooth screen. This whole tool is not user friendly at all.

Miaomiao2, right? You also have to download miao miao’s oop app and us app and upgrade the firmware…also make sure it was started on the libre reader, and make sure the out of process algorithm is checked in the settings, misc settings, other settings