Milkshakes and frappuccino recipes

Are there any recipes for low-carb milkshakes and Frappuccino recipes? The ones that aren't too sugary.

Turkey Hill makes a no sugar added vanilla ice cream. It tastes as good as "real" ice cream. To me, it doesn't have an after taste. I'm pretty sure it has 6g of carbs per 1/2 cup.

That ice cream, sugar free Hershey's syrup, a splash of milk. I never measure this stuff--it's all in the proportions. It can't have more than 25g of carbs in reasonable amounts.

The key to a low-carb milkshake is a low carb ice cream. Here is the recipe for BSC's Real Ice Cream. It contains 4g carbs per half cup serving. Then just make a milkshake, but don't add sugar or carby ingredients. I also make a low carb yogurt.

The key to a low carb Frappuccino is replacing the milk with cream.

In a blender mix 2 c ice, 1 c expresso, 3/4 c cream and 2tbs artificial sweetener of choice. When well blended, pour into insulated cup and top with whipped cream (can also be made sugar free) and dark chocolate shavings. About 10g carbs per serving.

thanks Brian! that's exactly how our recipe guru Gerri told me to make it.

Along these same lines I make chocolate milk with unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and Truvia. Depending on if you choose to offset the carbs with the fiber, this has little to almost no carbs. As a side benefit I find it is very filling.

Agreed. I love this. I use Splenda and it tastes good.

I know it doesn't qualify as a milkshake or a frapp but smoothies are really tasty too. I found this cool smoothie recipe online . Its very diabetes friendly. It won't make you run to your medicine after drinking it. I'll put the link down below . :D