Mindless snacking

Does anyone ever experience mindless snacking or emotional eating? I’m looking for some ways to help curb this. I need help and some advice.

The best approach is probably a holistic one that addresses any emotional issues along with any physical ones that may be contributing to the binging. I think emotion-fueled binge eating is fairly common among human beings and I don’t believe it is always necessary to deny yourself a small emotional boost through eating a food you thoroughly enjoy. So long as you recognize it for what it is and don’t let it become the primary means by which you deal with difficult emotions, it is rather benign (assuming you control your diabetes erstwhile!).

I have struggled with this myself, and honestly what has worked the best is a two-pronged attack. On the one hand, I exercise a lot, which motivates me to not ruin the work I do in the gym by constantly eating too much, and also provides a significant emotional and overall mood lift. I also use Symlin before I eat anything, which works on the central nervous system in several ways to quickly curb my appetite.

Aye, aye to the breakfast recommendation!

Don’t feel bad, that’s what got me here in the first place. My diagnosis has helped me rethink my eating habits and make some changes. Now, I just don’t keep the foods I used to crave in the house, and I think that will do the rest of my family some good too. My kids are 5 and 2, and love to snack on strawberries and melba toast, so, I’m just gonna start eating what they eat for snacks. I’d rather do that than push them into my eating habits. As for the emotional eating, I am very guilty of that. When you find the secret to prevention, let us know!!! Take care and stay in touch! Chris.

I notice you’re a T2 and that you’re taking oral meds and shots - I take that to mean insulin. Have you tested when you have the urge to eat? I suggest testing to see if you’re having some swings in your blood glucose levels. Perhaps you’ve exercised - and thereby lowered your glucose. Try keeping a daily record to see what is preceding the snacking.
Another thought is that you have insulin resistance as a T2. Munching carbs is a symptom. when you get regulated well, when you start enjoying a fresh veggie platter for munching, that insulin resistance will reduce after a time. Just a couple thoughts! Best Wishes. Keep us informed.

I mindless snacked for a few days this week. I wouldn’t say emotional. I just wanted to let go and enjoy chips and dip. the only way to curb it is out of site—out of mind:) but to let yourself have it everyonce in a while so when you get it you won’t over indugle…Moderation, is the key. I love the term “Mindless” snacking:)

Good luck


One good place to start is this: if it isn’t there, you can’t eat it. So keep the stuff that you go out of control with out of the house. If other people in the family can’t live without it, ask them to keep it where you can’t see it or to make a sacrifice for a while to help you out.

When I get out of control–like, say the past month–I do a complete extreme low carb diet with no prepared foods for a week or two. This flattens out my blood sugars and gets me out of the snacking habits. I make myself write down every single thing I eat, too.

It isn’t a lot of fun, but it really does make me more mindful of what I’m eating.

I put together a page of ideas about being out of control with food. Maybe you can find some ideas there:

Help for When You Can’t Control Your Eating