Mini Med tubing

So those minimed pumpers have you had any problems with the tubing on the paradigm quickset? My little girls tubes keep breaking at the base where it goes into the pump. It has never happened before but now all of the sudden it seems like we are changing at least the tubing everyday(which is getting a bit spendy) Any suggestions??

never happend to me in 2 years of quickset use, however, just like Robert said, I would call Mimined and ask (and then demand) replacements for the entire lot of quicksets. they are way too expensive to put up with failures. Good luck Suzie and please follow up with the outcome!

It’s never happened to me (also use quick sets). However, my pharmacist told me that if I ever had a problem with any pump supplies, to bring the box back, and he’d replace it immediately.

Thanks for the info about this. I need to call my pharmacy. Through our insurance if we use the mail order pharmacy it is significantly less expensive so it will be interesting to see what their policy is on returns. Thanks!!