Mini stroke MRI, MRA. BG control

I had a TIA incident recently. Going for four MRI and MRA tests.

CGM needs to be off. Pump also. Each test takes 45 minutes. No insulin delivery. No CGM. Morning is a tough time.

How would you handle this?

Request some basal insulin from your doctor. See if they have any samples. Alternatively I would test BG before and after each test and give a manual injection according to regular basal rate and correction as needed.

@T1Forever I’ve had MRIs, CTs, and CTAs without taking either my pump or cgm off. I did take the transmitter off my G5 and gave that to the technician to hold until the test was done.

I think, if I had to take off the pump and cgm, I would test, as @Firenza suggested, before, between, and after each test and give myself some insulin accordingly. I don’t think I would try any basal insulin, such as Lantus for such a short period of time though.

Best of luck to you, I hope everything turns out okay for you. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!

@T1Forever - I had an MRI a couple of years ago for a hypertensive event and destroyed my Dexcom transmitter (the sensor was fine, the G4 Tx was shot). I was half out of it and completely forgot about the CGM.

The pump of course was removed.

CT scans are fine for pumps and CGM’s

Wishing you luck and a speedy recovery


I had a MRI last week and remove the pump. I was at a changing point for cgm so I removed the sensor and transmitter before leaving for the test. My BG went up a little but back in control in a few minutes

I’ve had 3 MRI’s in the past 6 months. I took off the pod/pump and the CGM Dexcom transmitter and sensor, the MRI was a double this last time on my back so I was in the machine for about an hour plus? I just removed them at the changing area and put a new pod on right after when I got dressed. The sensor I waited until I got home. I did a finger stick after and did an adjustment.

I went up, I always do when I don’t have insulin, as I was without insulin for almost 90 minutes. I went in at 120 BG and made sure I had stayed stable for hours before and when I did my finger stick after I was around 150ish?

The bad thing was and it happens rarely but I had a bad pod, so I kept giving adjustments and kept slowly going up and it took a couple of hours before I figured it out. I expected to keep going up until the insulin could kick in and thought I just needed more. Sigh, now that was aggravating!

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I think 45 min will be ok…even if it goes a little high. MRI important.

Strive to be a bit high rather than low. If you are worried you will get low, have some carbs either in the MRI room or leave them with the tech w/ a brief explanation that u may need them at some point. I’m sure u aren’t the first person concerned about bgs during those tests. good luck!