Free meters

Hi all,
I have been diabetic for 20 years, and my cousin’s daughter was just recently diagnosed as well. I use the one touch meter that links to the Medtronic pump, but I use the accucheck multiclix lancing device. When I got the multiclix, I got it for free on the internet somewhere with a free Aviva meter. The hospital only gave my cousin the Precision meter with their crappy lancing device, and I wanted to show her where to get the free multiclix. Can’t find any free meter offers anywhere!!
Anyone have any ideas about getting one for free?

Thank you!

Type ‘free meter’ into the search box at the top of this page. There are tons of references. I recently got a One Touch Mini for free. I think I used… I joined a group here called free stuff and someone posted this for a free One Touch Mini meter-very cute in many colors…I got the blue…I allready recieved it. In less than 4 weeks…Good Luck…

If you call the roche, the 800 number, and ask for a multiclix, they will send one to you. You may need to beg a little but they will come through.

rick phillips

Oh yes I got a multi clix (I LOVE IT!!!) with a free Aviva meter also. If I remember correctly it was about this time last year. The muti clix was an awesome bonus because to buy it alone is about 20$ … I am bad to keep using lancets so naturally I am still on my first “click”; the cost is about the same as regular lancets but they are just so much better. You will just need to keep checking the accu-check site for any special offers… I know Abott is giving a free “freestyle lite” now with their freedom strip program. Someone (sorry I can’y rem who) posted about it a few weeks ago (I just got my meter today about 2 weeks), now it is advertised alot online… I have even seen the ad here on TuD… If I find a free Accu-Check meter I will surely let you know.

Call your doctor and ask for that brand sample. The sample should come with some test strips or go to a local Diabetes health fair and get free meters there. But another thing is call the maker of the meter you like and ask for a free one. I called Bayer from a number that was on my meter and told them my lancing device was leaving a lot of scar tissue on the sides of my fingers. They told me they would over night express me a free lancing device to use on the palms of my hands. I got it the next day just like they promised. So look at your meter and call the number on the back and tell them what you are telling us. But sometimes you have to ask for a FREE sample if they do not offer one. Dont be afraid to ask because these companys try to take good care of us diabetics.

I forgot to tell you I use the Bayer Contour and love it because it is so dependable. The test strips use just a little blood and like I said in my previous post they mailed me a lancing device to use on my palms instead of my fingers that hurt so badly.

My best luck has always been the “Diabetic” magazines at the Endo’s office. They are plum full of free offers. At first diagnosis I got one from each major manufacturer, and tried them all.

When I got the pump, I just kept they ones that had compatible test strips.

It was a tad difficult for us to get a second One Touch UltraLink the one that works with the Medtronic pump. We had one that came in the mail when it was available, but we wanted a backup especially since my son is at college. Medtronic wouldn’t send us one and LifeScan/OneTouch wouldn’t send us one. Finally the great local rep came through. You’d think with as much money as we spend on test strips each month it wouldn’t be this difficult. sigh

If they’re interested in using the AccuCheck Aviva meter I would call the 800 number. I think their meter is very accurate.