Pump Features?

This is for any pump user. Minimed, Cozmo, anyone. I myself use a Deltec Cozmo, dubbed, ‘Cozziemomo’!

Anyway. What sort of features would be wonderful for any pump? I’d love to hear your answers. I was sitting here at home bolusing for a meal when I was thinking about this;

For Blind Bolusers like myself, who have a bad habit of doing so, wouldn’t it be great if there was a setting for the pump to not allow a bolus unless you enter a BG value? I would definitely use this. It would keep me from my bad ‘blind bolusing’ ways, and would save me so much in that my BG’s would be better. Another thing that wouldn’t be half bad is a setting to let the alarms beep/vibrate at the same time. I tend to ignore the beeps by simply pressing them, a vibrate would get my attention, especially while having my headphones on. And, perhaps, if it were on that setting, let’s throw in an idea to be sure the alarms won’t shut up until I enter a BG value. It would keep me on my toes, for sure.

What of you? What do you see in ‘Tomorrows Pumps’?