Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison showing off her insulin pump!

I was looking on Facebook as I like my local news station. Well, they posted an article about Miss Idaho showing of her pump! There is a Facebook page and all pumps are liking the page and showing off their proud pump. So here it is!

article of a trend

EEEEEEEE. During the Super Bowl i became to liking the seattle seahawks as there is a deaf player, and now this. It seems that we certainly can do anything we can do.

There was a time when people would shun other people that showed an outward disability. Even during the early 70's as a young child I remember how hateful people could be toward someone that they considered not normal. I had a classmate who lost his arm in car accident. He was given an prosthetic arm with a hook that look like pliers. I won't forget how all the other students would poke fun of him and call him Capt. Hook. Hearing how disrespectful the other classmates were toward him would make me burn in rage. I would walk up to him and shake his prosthetic hand and call him by his name. He and I remained good friends during our time in school.

Moving forward. Heather Whitestone winning "Miss America" back in 1995 opened the door for people with disabilities. "Miss Idaho" I believe shows others that having to depend on an outward device like a pump to live, does not interfere with ones self esteem. Hopefully, one day the world well see a "Miss America" rolling out on the stage in a wheelchair.

Noticed recently posted pics of a model with a colostomy bag is inspiring others to do the same. Seems to be we're coming out of the "dark" ages more. I had no idea what a bag looked like.