Vote for Miss Idaho for People's Choice in Miss America

Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho in the 2014 Miss America would like us to vote for her as the People's Choice. You may know of her from the #ShowMeYourPump campaign, as she proudly wore her insulin pump "out" in the swimsuit part of the Miss Idaho competition. By the way, she's scheduled for a live interview here on October 2, details here. TuDiabetes members, let's give her a BIG boost and watch this short video and vote for her. Be sure to tweet about it if you're on Twitter and use the hashtag #showmeyourpump

I voted, and I think everyone should do their part. She is a great person and deserves all of the support she can get from our community.

Done. And thanks for posting this discussion. I actually think Sierra Sandison is giving us pumpers a boost. She is beautiful - inside and out!

Go Sierra!!!

You can only vote once. The voting for this closes on Sept 11, and the final competition will be on Sunday Sept 14

voted :)

I voted and have a reminder to watch Miss America with my family this year.


I'm voting every day