What are you doing in memory of jrtpup?

Barbara’s passing has left a hole in our community. Given how much she cared about our community, it would only be fitting for us, as a community, to step in and at least try to fill the hole that has been left in her place. What will you do to fill in this hole? What will you do to carry on Barbara’s legacy?

Personally, I’m going to try to show the same warmth to new members that she did to me. At the bare minimum, I’m going to take the time to welcome them.

Barbara was a big part of the reason why I instantly fell in love with TuD. In the welcome message she left me, she referred to TuDiabetes as a family. Through the care she showed - both to me and to others - she demonstrated that she meant it.

Although I don’t feel up to the task, I’m going to try to make new members of the family instantly feel like they belong, as she made me feel…

Lets become even stronger as a community. Lets make Barbara proud.

Just be myself and look after myself, like she did. Be as kind and gentle like she was.(: