Mission Impossible


There are a few movie series that my family enjoys and follows closely. One is Mission Impossible. We like to see the new releases together, which can be its own impossible mission given everyone’s varying schedules. But we are currently on vacation and it’s going to be a rainy afternoon and we will be taking advantage!

We are hearing great reviews, which for me can be a bad thing bc it sets my expectations too high! I’ll let you know! I promise not to post spoilers!!


Ohhh I want to see it! Please tell me if it is worth it, I’m not a fan of sequels most of the time.


My son was watching one of the Mission Impossibles on TV the other day and I asked him, “Is this the one where Tom Cruise uses a disguise and false documents to pretend to be somebody else to sneak into a well-secured place and risks his life to succeed in a task against all odds? All the while not being absolutely sure which side anyone is truly on?

And without hesitation my son said, “Nope, that’s a different one.”


Mr. Phelps never turned !!!


Haha! Hilarious. Yes, THIS was that one. :wink:

Movie was great - completely unrealistic and at times hokey, but entirely entertaining!


Mr. Phelps never ever, ever, ever turned.