Mmm, bacon!

This morning I made cheese & onion omelettes, roasted potatoes, and… Mmm, bacon! Since Steff doesn’t like onions, I made half of the omelettes with just cheese, onion powder, & garlic powder. For the rest, I used the onions I pre-cooked when I made that Spicy Citrus Tilapia.

It’s all part of my clever scheme to have the world’s most well-stocked refrigerator. Steff will be spending the night tonight because we’re going to a party here in Sanford, and I wanted to have breakfast already prepared. Besides, we got a great deal on eggs about a week ago. Albertson’s had them for $1 a dozen. They’re more than twice that now. We bought 5 dozen and have only used about half of them, so I’m trying to use them up before they go bad. I figure omelettes are convenient as food and storage medium both.

I’ll probably make a frittata after the weekend, too. I’ll get some kielbasa out of the fridge. We’ve always got onions, roasted garlic, and cheese on hand.

It’s about time for me to use up our leftover mashed potatoes. Maybe I’ll thin 'em out and make potato crepes. Perhaps better and certainly more portable, I could fry them. Roll a nugget the size of a golf ball, tuck some cheese & green onions in the middle, close it & roll it in bread crumbs. They can be deep-fried, or I might bake them.

Yeah. Deep-fried mashed potato balls are totally not diabetic-friendly. (heh) Don’t make those. A frittata is nothing but meat, egg, & cheese. They’re good with zucchini, too. That’s a very diabetic-friendly thing. Maybe I’ll post a recipe later.

Instead of storing all those omlettes, mail some to me :wink: Looks GREAT!