What's On Your Omlette?

I like egg whites, sausage, ham, onion, corn, peppers and of course cheese.

Spinach and broccoli, chia seeds and granulated garlic. Sometimes bacon, spinach and parmesan cheese.

bell peppers, mushrooms, left over chicken (or turkey) :)

I am a simple man with complicated morning needs. It is a three egg cheese omelette for me, sausage on the side. I like to use natural cage free eggs, you can see and taste the difference.

Whole eggs mixed with a dollop of cream, ham and cheese . . . season to taste.

Three big eggs from my own hens, grilled bell peppers and onions, avocado sometimes, a bit of fresh tomato, whatever leftover meat is available, and a sprinkling of cheese.

Varies with my mood and what's in the fridge. I'm a vegetarian so it's always 2 eggs with flavorful cheese and then some combo of habaneros, mushrooms, avocado, cilantro, red peppers, spinach, asparagus, etc. and olives.

Yay, the California people are finally getting to brunch!

My fav is spinach, mushrooms, green onions, feta, jack, and sharp cheddar cheese. Yummo!

LOL. My everyday breakfast times are probably equivalent to most people's weekend brunches - somewhere around 10AM. When I was a kid my mother used to say, "oh, if you could you would just spend all day lying on a beach somewhere reading a book and picking fruit off of trees". Well....sure!

Had my weekend treat vegetarian eggs benedict this AM = 2 eggs, asparagus, tomatoes and parsley on Orowheat Double Fiber muffin with hollandaise sauce - 33 carbs...NOT low fat.

I like the natural cage free eggs too and definately think you can see and taste the difference.

I like tomato and spinach with some basil for flavour on my omelette, made with my daughter's hen's eggs.

Here's a good idea for Omelet Muffins from Marks Daily Apple which is a paleo site. The neat idea is to make whatever is your favorite omelet in a muffin tin. These can then be refrigerated for use as a breakfast on the run type meal. The recipe pictured uses bacon, red pepper and eggs. The secret ingredient is a little mayonnaise which is supposed to keep the eggs moist.

My favorite breakfast place serves a Benedict omlette. The combo has Canadian bacon, spinach and tomato in the egg. It's served with hollandaise on top. Yum!

Will have to try this. The British make a savory muffin much like this one.

Am wondering how well the recipe would work with soy breakfast meat since it would have less fat than regular meat.

Omlette muffin is a great idea. I will have to try that this weekend

Love them with tomato, basil, ham and italian cheese blend. And of course with bacon on the side!