Moisture in Pod Window

I’m am on my saline run of the pod and have noticed some moisture appearing in the window. Has anyone had this problem and do you know what causes it? My husband said that the cannula is under the skin still, so I’m not sure what’s wrong…


I find that the drops of moisture appear most times.
So, what I do - and I think I learned this from someone who posted it on here - it to take a q-tip - sort of flatten it out a little - and wipe the moisture out before I place the pod on me.
I am careful not to touch the needle - this works very well.
The window stays clear.
A friend just bought q-tips in CVS Drug Store that are flat on one side and much smaller and pointed on the other side - I am going to get those and try them.
Hope this helps.

When I change Pods, I tear off a little bit of paper towel (I use it also to wipe off the gooey stuff) and twist it, and use it to absorb the insulin after it primes. I get moisture sometimes, but nothing has ever happened. If it is a constant problem, you can use some antibacterial scentless deodorant along with skin prep swabs… I find that the location makes the difference for me.

I get that most of the time after I shower!

I think that it is a little annoying when it takes the adhesive 30 mins. to dry on its own sometimes…

I experience the moisture in the window and I use a q-tip (thanks Susan) it helps a lot

I have moisture on the “window” frequently, particularly after exercise. Once you start moving the pod around you’ll discover that the window is not that helpful anyway; unless you are double jointed you’re just not able to see in it sometimes.