Omnipod Question

Quick question…I am actually “test driving” a few pods to see if I want to make the switch from MM 715 over to the Omnipod…thus far i like what Omnipod has to offer…

anyhow, my question is…in the viewing window on the pod, it appears to have condensation on inside of it it…is that normal? Insulin is being delivered and my readings have been good, but was just curious.


Totally normal.

By the way, I made the switch from an MM 715 a couple of months ago. I would never go back.

Condensation is absolutely normal. There have been a number of ways suggested to minimize it (using a Q-Tip before placing it, shaking it after taking off the needle cap, etc.) but I find that most of the condensation in mine is due to my own sweat. I didn’t realize that until I started going to the gym regularly and it’s always worst right after the gym or after a shower. It’s a little frustrating but my pod’s always alerted me when there’s a delivery problem and half the time I can’t see the window (or the cannula) anyway with my placement so I’ve learned not to worry too much about it.

Thanks for the replies…

I switched from a MM 715 last July to a Cozmo 1800 (for nine months) and then to the Omnipod this last May. Love it.

It’s normal! It’s there, because that’s the insulin that came up during priming. If it ever bothers you to have that there, clean it out before placing the pod on. I use a q-tip, but am extra extra careful not to touch the cannula-metal-thingy (you know what i’m talking about! i’m too late to try and think of what it’s called.).

The Q-tip is one of the best tips I’ve gotten from this site :slight_smile: