Monday with puddles

Why do our children have to grow up so fast? My last one left me with empty nest syndrome. I laughed it off when people told me about it but it’s true. I have found myself alone for the first time in 38 yrs. I keep active during the days but I have to admit that nights and weekends are tough. As I was on the long drive back yesterday I found myself catching my tears in my hands. We want our children to grow up and be successful but why didn’t someone tell me it isn’t easy? I’m not complaining because you can have tough times and still be grateful. I am so happy that he has a 4.0 average since high school and belongs to clubs and pledged fraternity this year. He is a remarkable young man that is so unlike most his age. I am so proud of him. Now if I can get a decent sleep pattern, life will be perfect! J

We raise them to be the best they can be …then they leave us!! Oh I miss the years that I put into mine but I get grandchildren now so that’s been my survival mode!!!

I don’t have any contact with my three grandchildren back in Colo.

Oh honey bless you! If it weren’t for those grandbabies I think myself I would go crazy!

Thanks, Doris. You’re a lifesaver!

He sounds amazing. You have done a wonderful job!

I have had to do it on my own as his dad left us so I appreciate the comment very much. I had to work fulltime of course but he wasn’t a latch key kid by any means. I think he deserves most of the credit. He walks away from things at his age that I wish I would have been stronger in conviction with.

Judith, I know what you are going through. It was very hard for me when my 4th child got married and left me and my 10 year old son alone. My husband passed away when my son was 4 so I was a single parent for over 6 years when my daughter got married. The house was so empty without her and my son and I missed her so much. 8 years later, my son got married (young) and I was all alone. I worked for the power company, I was busy all day but so alone when I got home. The evenings were so quiet and I felt empty–that is a good description of how I really felt, empty! In the meantime I met some friends through our church and they kept me busy but eventually I got used to being alone. What else can we do? Our kids go on with their lives and we must go on with ours. Hang in there Judith, it takes time to adjust. Hugs…

Thanks so much, Mary. I have had at least one home for the past 38 years so never been alone. I worked for 35 years and had to retire for medical reasons. My mind still wants to go. I have two college courses this semester as usual but never knew it would be hard. I am seeing someone about this and found it is extremely common. I am so happy for my son but no one ever told me how hard it would be. I also expected to still have family around and have none now.