Monitoring App

Does anyone know of an app that will let me track my carb intake, insulin intake, and blood glucose levels that will also be able to sync with the dexcom G5 sensor data on a computer to make spreadsheets or pdfs showing patterns?

mySugr is my favorite app for recording carb intake and works with touch screen icons mostly. You can also type in your meals and that gets fast with practice because of predictive typing. You can also easily enter insulin doses. If you have an iPhone it can sync with your G5 through Apple Health. All of this info shows on your phone and there are reports. I haven’t tried a computer hookup with it in a while so you would have to check on that.

Tidepool is also a good app. Most of your info is entered by #hashtag notes but it transfers great to the computer. It syncs automatically with the G5 through Apple health and you can download other devices through your computer. Only certain meters are covered at this time but new meters will be compatible in the next couple of months.


Thank you very much for your input! I have been desperate to try and get my levels under control lately and hopefully this app will help me do this.

I think tidepool rocks, but it seems a little difficult to use as you start. I also agree with Laddie, mySugr is an excellent app as well.