Bad diabetes photos

I found this article with 9 bad photos. Some made me laugh some are what…??? I love the 1 where a woman is injecting. Insulin like it’s heroine.


@Timothy, Thank you for sharing. May I call those photos a clown show?

LOL. Great post

Not diabetes related… but every stock photo of someone using a soldering iron has them holding the part that is hot enough to melt metal:


These laughable photos are a great example of people and projects who think they can portray any aspect of diabetes without seeking input from the people who live with this disease all day, every day. I see the humor in these photos but it makes me sad that many in the gluco-normal population think they understand us but their ignorance is alarming. Some of these people are teachers, coaches, nurses and even doctors.

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Haha. I agree, Terry, that they are alarming, but…you have to laugh.

Meanwhile, I came across another really bad one.

Is this person injecting insulin into their finger???


:no_mouth: What…Who does that?! I’ve accidentally stabbed myself in the hand before when giving a shot, but doing it willingly? :grimacing:

Back in the day I used to use my syringe needle to draw blood for testing. It was in the old days when u needed a lot of blood to cover a strip. Then you set a timer and wiped. Set timer again and read color on a chart.
The good old days. The needle was the best way to puncture my fingers.

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Even better than the guillotine pricker ?!!

Too cute to not post!

I found a few more cause now it’s fun to search for them. strong textimage image image image

Most are self explanatory. We got a syringe that can deliver 2000 units of insulin. Enough to kill an elephant. A glucomeger that gives readings BEFORE the blood is on.
But my all time favorite is this chart of diabetes symptoms.

Who comes up with these ?..
Really doc. I got ants eating my urine. How does this happen, even if you pee outside which if you are a hiker you might have done, but who goes back to look at it later? See if maybe some ants like it ???


Agreed! He’s adorable!

That’s just, wrong! I’m with you, who comes up with these?!

I think its a fact that early days, the doctors DID taste a persons urine.

At my diagnosis in 1965, the pediatrician smelled my breath (after mom telling him my symptoms),and sent us straight to hospital. Don’t recall if he did urine test, I was SOoooo tired, barely able to comprehend what was happening.

I was diagnosed in 1989. And my doctor was sniffing me too. I was like what ?.. he said he was trying to figure out if I was acidotic, I told him my hands smelled like Froot Loops, he smelled my hand and sent me to the hospital. That was when doctors didn’t wear gloves to examine you. Only to do do things that were weeping or bloody.
It wasn’t that long ago, really things change fast.

I was diagnosed in '89, too… By peeing in a cup. In which a strip was dipped, NOT sipped… Nor was I sniffed. It’s like Dr Seuss for diabetics. :sweat_smile:

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They often describe it as a fruity smell. You were smart !!

Strange what I remember about my dr visit and straight to jail trip. But dr office was connected to hospital building, and we had to go up in elevator, I think my first ever ride in elevator and hung on to my mom tightly. Then they put me in a crib, pissed me off, I was almost 6!!

I’m so glad I was older when I was diagnosed. 21. So I was old enough to understand it. Also insulin and blood testing were better than even 5 years before. I’m not sure I would have survived, I had a hectic childhood. Speaking of which, diabetic kids have about a zero chance to get adopted. Not only are parents afraid to take it on but also the people in the agencies warn people away from kids w medical issues unless you are a health care worker.
I looked into all this years ago thinking we might adopt a type 1 kid. But they told us we are not qualified to adopt a kid with diabetes even though I was diabetic.

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I was diagnosed in '89, too… By peeing in a cup. In which a strip was dipped,

I was diagnosed in 1990… I really don’t remember a lot about the actual diagnosis, but I’m pretty sure it was the same - they had me pee in a cup and then dipped a strip into it. Mostly, I remember being told that I would need to take shots everyday for the rest of my life. Also, I remember being sad because the next day was my mom’s birthday and I thought she was upset because we wouldn’t be able to get her a cake. Obviously that’s not what she was upset about…

In ancient times, “doctors” would either have a peerson pee on dirt, or pour the urine on dirt and watch to see how fast the ants came.

I was dx in 1959. The toilet was so full of sugar, that my mom accused me of pouring chemical experiments, from my chemistry set, into the toilet. I lost about 20 lbs off of my little body and almost died before my pediatrician tested my urine. I spent 3 days in the hospital. My parents did not receive enough training. I didn’t receive any. Maybe that explains why I do so much research myself and second guess doctors. My research about all of the illnesses my family has had has helped tremendously.

The ants-thing was how they diagnosed us in the times of ancient Egypt.