More diabetes pics gone wrong

I remember my mom boiling the syringes. She didn’t enjoy it.


My mom thought it was ironic that her twin sister and younger sister went into nursing careers, which she had no interest in. So was quite nervous about giving me my first injections (age 5, and underweight at DX).


I recall from my TesTape education that spilling starts circa 180. And if you can go a good chunk of the day under 180 (and also not hypo) that’s probably a decent high TIR by modern standards.

As a complete anachronism, when I was diagnosed in 1982 they made sure I left the hospital with a glass U40 syringe. I don’t know if they were working from some 1960’s required discharge list or what. I never used anything but plastic syringes.

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At 8 I hated the feel of the thick needles. My poor parents.

Marilyn6 – yes, while having (before each use) to
sterilze the glass syringe in a pot of boiling water was a pain, the worst were the stainless steel needles – they were dull when new, then got duller. It was wonderful when single use plastic syringes with very sharp needles became available.

Tim12 – My Endo’s target TIR (time in range) is 75-170. But user rcarli points out one can have pretty poor control but a decent TIR. So carli prefers using 2 metrics – Average BG and Low Standard Deviation. See post at:

User mremmers talks about TITR (time in tight range), for example, 70-140, as being a new goal encouraged by some Endos. It seems like a good target to shoot for. See post at Is Time-In-Range (T-I-R) a good/the best metric for assessing BG Control? - #12 by mremmers and an article at

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I also got a glass syringe in the hospital in 1987, but I never used one. I used the same plastic ones we have today. I figured they wanted me to know how bad it was in the before times. I never used test tape but I used chem strips for blood which worked pretty much the same way except you wiped and timed them.

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I never used a glass syringe. I was Dx’d in 1974. My mom did all through the 60’s and when the plastic ones came out she was so happy. Likewise i never used test tape. Mine was the eye dropper and waiting the potion to turn blue. Then I was blessed to get test sticks. I hated them all. Never once could anyone explain to me why knowing sort of what my blood sugar was two hours ago was helpful.


You were in grade school at 28? Something in your pist does not make sense

If he had wrote grade you would be right, however he wrote grad as in working towards a degree after a bachelor degree, master or doctorate.


Yes! Splitting those strips, when you read the colour against a chart, before actual technology read the strips for you. I thought I was the only one who cut those first strips length-wise. :grinning:


Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I would use tes-tape to verify that the sugar-free gelatin and sodas were truly sugar-free. Too often when I questioned if it was in fact sugar-free the waiter would respond 'you don’t need to worry about your weight"


Great thread for morning chuckles!! Thank you & also to all responders!!

I remember using chemstrips, using the color to determine ur sugar. NOT FUN

Yes I as well had to do the old test tube urine testing and had a glass syringe my parents would boil to sterilize. This was long, long ago and also unbelievable how things have changed for us.


And yet that cure I was told was only five years off when I was dx’d has yet to arrive. That was 1983…


Dr. BB I am shocked, has no one told you of the amazing cure found three years ago?

It must be done with precision

First gather all the of the ingrideants.

The dew of the fifth green at Augusta on the third night of the full moon of the 31st day in February.

The rock of the 12th core of the 8th column of rock extracted from the 13th moon of Jupiter in 2006

White lighting associated with the original Bonnie and Clyde shoot out. Any shout out will do.

The 22nd syllable of the Russian espionage drone found in Georgia in 1962

Then you mix all of that up in a Waring CB15VP 3 3/4 hp Commercial Food Blender with Variable Speed Control Dial and 1 Gallon Copolyester Container

add Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water to taste

then toss it over your left shoulder at a rate of 0.98 cubic feet per minute.

Then dance naked in the blistering sun of Acapulco on Thursday after the last day April in June.

Once you do that presto you are cured. Lets face it either that or not. I mean it can go either way.


In 1977, after I was told I should try to enjoy the 20 years I had left, I was told a cure was just 10 years away. (My father had already lived longer than 20 years with T1D.) By 1983, I’d stopped trusting that medical doctors’ had accurate or true information about managing or treating diabetes or other diseases.


So by 1983 the 10 year estimate had come down to 5. Progress!