More Medical Issues

I don’t know where to put this at, so I had to choose.

A week ago, I was camping with my sister and her friends family out at the lake. Was sitting on the picnic table and my sister had noticed a mark on my legs that they were shinny. Questions came from my sister and her friends who are also nurses. They had advised that I need to get it cheched out that my legs were red, look swollen, full of fluid, shinney. They had thought that I have cellulitis. So I made an appointment with the Internal Medcine doctor…

Yesterday had an appointment to see the Internal Medicine doctor. Went in thinking that I had cellulitis, but came out with a dx of Lymphedema. Dr. wants to treat it agressively.

I’m looking at videos on youtube and just pretty much freaking out. I’m only 32 years old and wondering if I’m looking at developing feet as elephents. Next week, I have an appointment with the specialist to have a compression sock fitted I believe. I really don’t know what to think.

I was upset when the doctor kept on hinting to me about my weight, that I need to lose weight. Right now I’m currently at 351, although, I have lost I’d say 5 to 6 pounds. I’m now looking at getting the bariatric surgery done. I just feel I’m falling apart with my diabetes and other health issues. I feel every time I go see the doctor something is found.

Am I just freaking out for no reason, any one else have the same issue of Lymphedema in the legs? I’d like to hear from you. Seeing videos on youtube aren’t helping, cause they seem extreme cases. Just don’t know what to do. Thanks.

Chadd, I don’t know anything about lymphedema, but Debb here recently had bypass surgery, and is a great friend to me.