Feeling down :(

So for the first few years of being diagnosed i was excellent in controlling my diabetes and than i just got tired of it all so for the past four or five years i have been not taking care of myself. I’ve been in the hospital multiple times for DKA but now i have met my wonderful boyfriend who i love very much and we plan on trying to start having kids late this year or next year so i’ve been working pretty hard on getting it under control again the past two months. I have no health insurance so i have a ton of hospital bills but i get insulin from the company’s well they switched me from lantus to levemir and that caused me to end up in the hospital for a week but they still left me on it. Well since i have been on it i had swelling in just my right leg so i was sent to the hospital for a ultrasound on my leg to see if it was a blood clot and it came back negative so i was than told to have a ultrasound scheduled on my stomach but they couldn’t fit me in until a week or two away. So instead i went into the ER and they went ahead and did the ultrasound on my abdomen and pelvis and found nothing. They than took like 6 vials of blood and sent me home with crutches and told me to stay on bed rest and wait for my test results of the blood work. Well they called and said they found nothing and the next day my other leg has been swelling now too. I just wish they could find out whats wrong with me i weigh like 110 and I’m 21 so for my legs to be swelling it pulls my skin tight and it gets real sore. Now yesterday i can’t hear out of my left ear i don’t know if it has something to do with the swelling in my legs or not but it seems when i go and try to control my diabetes everything just crashes down. Ugh sorry just needed to get that out there i don’t really have anyone around my age with diabetes around here to talk to

P.S. Also i always seem to start feeling down when it gets close to my anniversary date its on May 4th which will be going on 8years!!

Your leg swelling…what part of your leg is swollen? Do you think you are retaining fluid? If so, I’d go back to the ER and ask them to check your kidney function. Edema can be a sign of kidney dysfunction, which for a diabetic is super serious.

most of the swelling is from my knees down but they did a ultrasound on my legs said it wasn’t a blood clot than they did ultrasound on my stomach areas and said everything looked fine than they took 6 vials of blood and said everything was normal im gonna call my doctor tomorrow when they open and see if he wants me to get checked out at the hospital again or i think im gonna go to a different hospital

I don’t have any medical advice for what you are experiencing but wanted to let you know that you can do it. You not only can but must manage your diabetes not only everyday but every meal. I know it is a lot but try to only look at it from meal to meal or from one blood sugar check to another. You are too important to not take care of yourself. Don’t give up!

Amanda, sorry to hear what you are currently going through but try not to let this impact on your newly found sense of looking after yourself. There can be many causes for the symptoms you have described and some (if not most) have nothing to do with Diabetes. Problems like this can be frustrating because it often requires a bit of time before the correct diagnosis can be made…and always go for a second opinion!
All that being said,I have heard of some diabetics who bring their sugars down to normal ranges in one big hit after a long period of not looking after themselves only for their bodies to suffer complications because of the sudden change. Perhaps see if others have experienced anything similar?
At the end of the day, no matter what is causing this it is not as important as you being happy and healthy for a long time to come.