More prednisone

Today I had an appointment with my GP regarding my odd stomach pain I’ve been having since December, and my hayfever since the season has come for that. I got more antihistamines prescribed, along with a long acting prednisone shot which was given by a nurse after the appointment. Yay me, more prednisone! I love it in a way because it does take away most of my allergy related discomfort, BUT it also makes me high enough to be considered full blown diabetic! So it’s both good and bad. But if I have to choose between being high or having problems with my allergy, being highish is a cheap price to pay for being able to breathe through my nose most of the time.
It’s just kinda funny. I mentioned to the nurse I’m really afraid of being stung by a wasp since I don’t know how I will react to it, I haven’t been stung since like 1991 or 1992 and that was well before I had any allergies what so ever. I tend to tell people the safest thing to do should I be stung by a wasp, is to call for an ambulance just in case I react badly to it. The nurse said I should mention this to my GP next time as it could be a good idea to carry an adrenaline pen to be on the safe side. I kinda agree with that. I’d rather carry one of those adrenaline pens and not needing to use it, than not having one and needing it. I did mention it to my old clinic a few years ago but they just waved it off and left it at that sigh

Guess I’ll have to make another appointment with my GP soon, preferably before those darn wasps wakes up.

Now really, WHAT benefit does nature have from wasps and ticks?!? Other than freaking people out that is… I’m for sure going to attack the wasp queens with my vacuum cleaner if I get the chance! The more wasp queens killed in spring, the less wasps there will be in summer. This is WAR!

UGH!! You hit my Worst phobia. WASPS! I was swarmed and stung by 16 of them when I was about 11 yrs. old.

WHAT benefit does nature have from wasps and ticks?!? I agree. Lets get rid of them. I Hate wasps!!

Sorry that you need more Pred. but I’m Glad that you can breathe Better. Hopefully your Summer will be Great. :slight_smile:

I’m not afraid of wasps because of them being wasps, and I’ve never been attacked by them though I have been stung by accident when I was younger. I’m terrified of them because of them being one of the most common causes for allergic shock, and I don’t know if I’ll react as I did when younger- no allergic reaction at all, or if I’ll get a severe allergic shock if stung by one today. =X