Terrible pain from wasp sting

I was stung by a wasp on my good ankle early evening yesterday. I took benadryl, washed it, ice etc. lidocaine, steroid ointment. I fell asleep for a while and the pain is still awful. I woke up, ate my snack. And bg crashed again to 40. It crashed after the sting as well. I took tylenol and it has not helped a bit.

Is this normal? My last sting, was on my hand before D and I don’t remember having pain for this long. I have had some runs too.

The only reason I slept is the b knocked me out but it is wearing off now.

As if I have not been through enough these past few months. I am worried I will have to cancel my pt and go to the doc tomorrow. On top of that the knee on my bad leg is so bad now I can only go up and down stairs by using the good leg which is now killing me.

I stepped on a ground hornets nest 2 weeks ago and took a sting to the top of the foot and several to my thigh and calf. The foot was by far the worst sting I’ve had and intense burning lasted a couple of days. I also think the foot could be worse maybe because of the lack of fat and tissue there. The intense burning eventually turned into intense itching which was helped by benadryl cream. I didn’t have any blood sugar issues with mine but a friend of mine does intentional bee stings for arthritis and says sometimes has some high blood sugars around his stings. Feel better soon.

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Thanks😊 sorry you had several stings, that is awful. I think you are right, the foot is a bad place. It is still hurting but a bit better because I had to take a heavy duty pk to sleep. I am going to keep an eye on it and go to a clinic if needed.

I also stepped on a nest😳 tg only one sting. 2-3 years ago there was a nest in the same place and there were several all over me but they didn’t sting me by some miracle. I am going to have someone put in a concrete path here to the faucet so no more nests hopefully.

I found a sting treatment with ammonia online- it will arrive Monday I think. Apparently that helps the pain & the stinging.

Intentional stings…are bees actually stinging him?

This may sound weird but I have had good luck in applying meat tenderizer (containing papain) on the bite site. But I did that right away as soon as I got stung. The sting went away and the inflammation went down. Don’t know whether it will help you now but if you have some on hand (or the fruit papaya), try it. Can’t hurt.

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Thanks.:blush: I don’t have any but I will order some just in case. It is better today but it still hurts . Itching is setting in, but my steroid foam helps.

You sure that it was a wasp and not a bee? If its a bee, the stinger might still be in there. Your supposed to scrape at it with a credit card. (see 55 seconds)

This guy doesn’t do it right, but he has a good closeup of the stinger and the venom sac. This guys is a solid professional at this - use the credit card method, especially if its somewhere you dont have a direct line of site.

They got me the other week, too - 5 times. I had no idea what was happening, and so just stood there like an oaf.

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I react terrible , too! My pharmacist said meat tenderizer also. It took 2 weeks for area to clear. No blood sugar issue. I am a Type 2. Hate things that sting. Nancy50

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After watching the second video I am sure it was not a bee, there was no sign of any stinger unless it fell off somehow before I got in the house.

Plus we had a wasp’s nest in the same area 2-3 years ago which I also stepped on. I had several on me and ran screaming into the house, but no stings, I brushed them all off. I don’t think bees make ground nests either.

I am feeling a lot better today, the pain is minimal now and the itching is controlled pretty well by the steroid foam. It is very itchy but not like a poison ivy itch.

I had to leave pt early yesterday due to feeling nauseous though. My ankle still feels a bit sore etc when walking so I have 2 bad ankles now…

I managed to retrieve my shoe today which fell off. I saw where the nest is, someone is coming to treat it tomorrow. I took a long painting poll and lifted it up without having to get near the nest.

That is terrible you were stung 5 times :crying_cat_face: You must have been in alot of pain etc. I think we all react differently. I am phobic about bugs so I will often scream if they get on me and try to get them off etc.

Edited to add that I just read that ground or miner bees do build ground nests, I will ask our pest control man. We also had a nest on the corner of the house two years ago where a contractor did not seal off siding properly, they were coming directly into my bedroom😳 my nightmare as a bug phobic, no stings then either tg.

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I am glad you were ok. This is the most painful one I have had. I had another painful one on a finger years ago at a concert, we had to leave because the pain was traveling up my arm. I don’t think it was even a wasp or a bee that stung or bit me.

That is great the meat tenderizer works! I will keep some on hand just in case, hopefully I won’t need it again. Plus I will have the after bite with ammonia soon too.

Still itching here and tender to the touch etc.

Me too, I am phobic about most bugs.

Lol, I lost my phone when it happened. I couldn’t get 'em off me, so I ended up pulling off my shirt in the front yard. I panicked. I was lucky no neighbors were home.


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Lol, I hope you got it back. I would not have cared who saw me as long as the wasps were off me. I was so panicked I just brushed them off, because they were amazingly not trying to sting me it was doable. They were on/ in my face/ hair as well, maybe 12 or more.

He wrote wasps on the receipt, so I assume they were wasps. I slept through it. I am still itchy, all over at times, I don’t know if it is still the sting reaction.

The entry to the house is totally sealed now but I still have towels and tape stuffed around the radiator where they came in.

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You think that you should get tested for allergy? I think it was bees that got me. I know that wasps are worse, but its been quite a long time to still be feeling the effects.

My friend loves this movie. He also adores the old black and white one about the giant ants. This is meee’s life on film.

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I may have been tested, I have to ask my allergist. I don’t trust the tests since I have reactions to things that test neg. it is a long time so I will ask. My ankle area is still itchy, I do have a lot of itching in general… and my back pain was worse again last night with activity and being hungry/ low bg. So strange.

If there are visible insects in those clips I will avoid for now😹

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I’ve seen honey bees nest underground. I think you would recognize them. It sounds like wasp or hornet tho.
Glad you are feeling better

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Thanks, I am sure it was wasp. It took a few weeks to get better. But now my knee on the sprained ankle side is terrible, been doin pt for it for a few weeks with no improvement yet. Mri was bad. The main thing is I cannot go up and down the stairs without pain in the knee no matter what I do I even try to pretty stiff brace for a while, it it just doesn’t seem to go away. Sometimes it is better for like one time going up the stairs or down sometimes but then it just goes right back to that pain.

You’ve had one of the worst 2020’s I know of. Hope the C-19 stuff is at least easing off now!

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Thank you :grinning:

Yes, it has been an awful year. Well my first 2 to 3 weeks of therapy for my back the pain got so much better but then my father fell and I was trying to help him and something else happened and the pain got worse again but not as bad as originally. I still feel pretty exhausted a lot of the time to curious

Eventually I stopped the therapy to take a break but I have to tell you the pain is not gone. I still have that weird pain in my back and pain around my ribs and when I eat- it feels very bloated and uncomfortable. And like when I had the pneumonia it gets worse when my blood sugar goes low. I have to eat more and drink juice and I am gaining weight from it even though it is not really that much more than what I usually eat.

I mean with the diabetes and everything I barely eat compared to the past, but I guess the insulin makes me gain weight. I am using a lot more basal the past year or so just to control blood sugar in the normal range.

Maybe it is also my thyroid I may need to adjust the medication I have not had a blood test for a while because I forgot to make the next appointment at my endo last time, I usually get tested every three months or so. And with a spike in Covid in my area I do not want to go to a lot of appointments so I hope I can do the visit virtually and just go to the lab to get the blood work.

I have to talk to my gp and ask her what is going on. My lungs are still not back to normal- if I get near any type of dust or anything I start coughing right away and I have to use my inhalers a lot more than before the Covid. I feel like I am trying to take a deep breath a lot of the time and I can’t get that last breath of air in deep in my lungs. I have coughing asthma so I often have the feeling, it is a lot worse since the pneumonia/Covid.

I have been too exhausted dealing with everything else to talk to my doctor about all of this yet, I plan ask her about maybe going to an infectious disease specialist due to the reactivation of EBV which she had suggested when I told her about the test results.

Apart from that the worst thing is my knee- I just hope this gets better soon and I’m not gonna need some type of surgery. Because going up and down the stairs with one leg, usually down, is making my back and everything worse.

Trials of Job ain’t in it. You have great strength to be enduring as you do. Keeping you in my prayers for healing.

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Thanks. :-)I could have had a worse outcome with covid so I am grateful for that.

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