More than 300K people with diabetes in Haiti need our help

Thank you for the heads-up and making is so easy to donate. Regards, AaronM

UPDATE from Insulin For Life:
"In total, we have now confirmed that donated insulin from Insulin for Life for 200 people for one month has either already been taken in by Nancy or will go in tomorrow in person.

These supplies are donated to FHADIMAC - Haiti Diabetes Association by Insulin for Life, with transport and handling costs paid by the International Diabetes Federation.

Many more donated supplies are ready to be sent urgently by Insulin for Life Global from IFL Austria, IFL Germany and IFL UK and others.


Thank you!

I just visited the Canadian Diabetes Association 's website and their updated news mentions the IDF 's request …so more Canadians and others will see the request for monetary help for the Haitians and can donate on line …

From Ron Raab at Insulin for Life:

"These images have just been received from Haiti, some of which include with the IFL donated supplies in use as well as pictures of the clinic (FHADIMAC) etc.

The first 2 lots of insulin and supplies were donated and sent by Insulin for Life, with transport and handling costs covered by the IDF. Future donations of supplies will have the transport and handling costs covered by individuals and organisations who have donated funds for this purpose. We continue to do this until the funds are exhausted."

Please keep the donations to them coming. They are much needed to help people with diabetes in Haiti.