Type one candy and Cinema bag checks

Just went to see the Dark Knight today to escape the heat wave.

I've been going to the movies for my whole life, and my girlfriend had her bag checked. First for me.
Turns out this is as a reaction from Regal theaters to the shooting.

I looked up the legality of checking peoples bags, thinking that this is surely against some kind of code, but amazingly it's a privately owned situation and so (even though you aren't told) you are subject to their rules. If you turn down your right to a search you will be turned away.
I did have food in her purse she was carrying for me. The Just in case stash, but they didn't see it, and I believe they're not allowed to actually touch your items, so we went through with it.

This sets off a whole mess of alarms in my head for me.
Bottom line, I feel it's an excuse to push people into paying their prices for food and not sneaking anything in. Lets face it, what the hell is that kid at the ticket booth going to do if someone has a few pistols in their bag anyway, right? So I feel it's justification to stop the time honored practice of sneaking in snacks and nothing more.

This got me thinking.
Don't I as a diabetic have a right to take in candy for my own emergency use without paying their absolutely jaw dropping prices?
It isn't taking away any of their profits, because I won't be buying their candy, because...I'm diabetic. It isn't for enjoyment. In fact legally speaking this is more of a medication.

Has anyone had any issues with this?
I feel like explaining this to the 17 year old taking the tickets is not going to go over particularly well.


I haven't had any issues with this- the theater I normally go to doesn't care if you bring in your own food/snacks and I have done that for years before my diagnosis. I'm sure you can explain the situation to them and they should let you bring whatever you need in with you. It should be covered by the disabilities act?

First, yes, the theater does technically have the "right" to check bags. It's private property. BUT, if you need something for a medical reason (such as snacks, juice, etc) you have every right to bring it in with you. It doesn't cause a harm to anyone else. You simply cite the Americans with Disabilities Act and, if that doesn't work, ask for a manager. You can file a complaint with your state disability office (or whoever is responsible for overseeing ADA compliance) if you're not admitted with your items.

I have run into this issue in the past with movie theaters. I did have to ask for a manager once. Most of the time, I just explained that the food I had with me was for medical reasons and I was let through without issue.

So far I haven't experienced anything where people have tried to stop me because I have some candy on me *knock on wood*. I have yet to even be asked to show what is in the pouch. But I agree with what the others have said, if stopped just try to explain it is for emergencies. I keep about 10 or in my meter pouch so I doubt anyone would have a hard time believing it's not there just for my casual eating enjoyment. Especially when they are in there with some insulin, meter, lancer, test strips, extra lancets, a couple of backup syringes, and I've got my pump attached to me along with the medical alert jewelry I wear. If the kid taking tickets has an issue then a manager should certainly be able to take care of it.

I haven't had any problems with the movie theater, but I can understand their trying to at least make a show of keeping the movie going public safe. Granted what exactly is that 17 year going to do with the pistols ? I always have something in my purse when I go to the movies and if they ever searched and found it which they haven't to this point, I would be more than happy to enlighten them. When I go to the golf course I bring an insulated cooler with me. It has my pens, juice, some fruit and whatever else I feel like throwing in. There is a big sign at the course that states no outside alcohol can be brought on the premises and coolers are subject to search. They have never checked my cooler because I have told them what is in it. Most folks tend to back off when you mention the "D" word. Heck they don't want to get sued should you go low and be too far away from the snack shack to get something.

Hello Rob:

Unless the kid checking makes a point of it, do not worry about it. If/when they do, your other diabetic supplies (meter, strips, pen/vial, syringes, pump stuff) should make the issue disappear easily.

The candy is NOT candy... it is your emergency medical supply...

i'll throw this one in the mix. When I went to the airport I had to throw out my juice I carry for emergencies. I then had to buy a 4 dollar juice bottle. Was I going to argue. Not really, sometimes for me its worth the few bucks to not have to deal with idiots.

Has anyone ever had any issues trying to bring emergency supplies into a football stadium?

My husband and I have plans to attend an out of state football game. The weather will still be hot and humid for this game and I am concerned about lots of walking combined with the heat and humidity. I always have sweetarts in my pocket but I'd like to be able to carry a small plastic bottle of regular Coke in my bag, just in case.

Most college football stadiums search bags for alcohol and I'm betting they will make me throw the coke away at the gate. I know they sell cokes at the game, but if I have a problem, waiting in line won't be a good option. I'm determined to go and enjoy myself so I'm trying not to get stressed out over it.

Why not bring a juice box or some Capri sun ? While I realize Coke is probably a quicker fix, since they sell that at most stadiums they are bound to make you throw it out. Bring something they absolutely do not sell at the stadium, make sure the seal is intact and tell them exactly what it is for. I don't know how they can have a problem with that.
Maybe I am being naive but I have not had any issues bringing juice boxes in to Foxboro Stadium for a Patriots Football game, and once I explain the glucomter, insulin pens and needles etc, they don't want to look any further, they just wave me through.
Don't get stressed if all else fails you'll have your sweetarts just in case.

Great idea Clare! Juice would be easier to argue my case. Thanks so much! :)

I once ended up fighting at an airport with the security guy about a bottle of pop I had brought with me for emergancies. He said I wasn't allowed fluids. I told him I was a diabetic and that it was for emergencies and I needed to have it on my person. He told me to buy one on the other side, so I told them that I would fork over my emergency supplies if they would give me the $5 it would cost to buy a pop on the other side of security. He decided to let me go through with it. If an airport will allow it I'm sure there is no one in a movie theatre who will fight with you over a bag of unopened candy.