MR.DIABETES, Canadian connection in TORONTO, and his visit to BANTINGS birthplace in ALLISTON

I had been in touch with ANDY MANDELL,since 2003 when he was coming east, and said that when he reaches near CANADA, let me know when he is nearing the CANADIAN BORDER,he has to come to TORONTO,and see where INSULIN was discovered by BANTING & BEST, July 30 1921. Check out, wake up and walk tour, September2005 update, it will tell of his trip to TORONTO. In the arrticle you will see THE AMIGOS picture, I am the little guy in the Lion’s vest. Also check out AMIGO is helping the BANTING HOMESTEAD raise funds to turn the 100 acre farm into a diabetic camp for children. In your area,start up a small group of diabetic friends and set up an AMIGO,K.I.T. (KEEP IN TOUCH

Check out, MR.DIABETES WAKE UP AND WALK TOUR, September 2005 update. In the article you will see THE AMIGOS in PICTURE THAT WAS TAKEN AT THE 100 ACRE FARM WHERE frederick grant banting, was born. check out I am the little guy on the left wearing a LIONS jacket…If anyone is visiting TORONTO,contact AMIGO and if interested show the lab where BANTING & BEST discovered INSULIN, July 30 1921. Use the AMIGO K.I.T.(keep in touch) method of contacting 5 diabetics EVERY day to show them you CARE. Tell them to call diabetics, especially those who live alone, you could SAVE their life.and to add spice give them an AMIGO HUG, their chuckle or laugh will rejuvenate their whole body. Keep in touch. AMIGO