My Apple Watch!

Getting my AW today and Share receiver on Friday. Will upgrade to G5 when it comes out which will allow the transmitter to talk directly to AW. Look forward to having this capability for jogs, coaching baseball, at the beach etc.

Great! Which one did you get?

You wouldn’t think that moving the reading from the belt to the wrist would make much of a difference, but it does. My blood glucose is now glanceable. It’s great when driving or when otherwise busy with life. This enables/prompts more timely counteraction and better lines. If I wasn’t watching my BG, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I’m not a watch guy.

This thing is more gadget than fine jewelry. I’m learning the fitness monitor and I no longer miss cell phone calls when I forget to turn the ringer on in the morning. I like it.

Very nice! You keep a very tight range there in limits. Not sure I could manage all those alerts from going higher than 120 and lower than 70. :smile:

Looks good Terry. I wear watches but am getting the AW solely for the capability that you are speaking about.

42mm Space Gray with black band. Looks like the same one Terry got.

Anthony - Setting limits and balancing timely alerts while avoiding nuisance is a personal thing. For many years I targeted 70-140 mg/dl but then expanded it to 65-140 mg/dl when I determined that my body doesn’t start counter-regulatory action until I’m below 65 mg/dl. My Dexcom lower limit is set to 70 mg/dl since I want a small buffer due to the Dex time lag.

I’ve had more success recently with staying in range so I decided to make it even more challenging by dropping the upper limit to 120 mg/dl. I was surprised to find that that limit and alarm permits me to to take action to help reduce time above that level. It often means heading out the door for a walk to knock things down.

My goal is to stay in range 80% of the time. I can do this but it’s a stretch, in other words, a good goal!

Yeah, that’s the model I have. The Apple store told me it’s the most popular model/watch band combo. I guess geek-taste is predictable.

If I said I had a Gear 2 (and pretty much like it, with 2 caveats) would you all stone me? I like that it has a camera and functions as a remote for TV’s (which I use all the time) and other devices, just like a universal remote. And it goes 2 days on a charge, which I appreciate. Down side is it doesn’t have zillions of apps and doesn’t allow me to respond to Hangouts messages. Works well as a phone, though…

No fan of the Old Testament here! I take it the Gear 2 is a smart watch. Wearable computers are intriguing. Providing they enhance your life and don’t take too much care and feeding.

Yes, it’s a Samsung smart watch that came out prior to Apple’s. Doesn’t require any care or feeding. Just a little charging every couple of days.

So, I have a very naïve question: Will there ever be an Android version of an Apple Watch for Dexcom beside Nightscout for us “non-techie” folks to use? I really like the cool, simplicity of the Apple Watch :slight_smile: , but I’ve always been a Samsung girl who is not tech savvy enough to “build” my platform for Nightscout–too afraid of blowing up something, losing data, invalidating the warranty of the Dexcom, etc. I do like the Pebble Watch. :smile:

This technology would be really beneficial to me during my monthly 2+ hour RA infusions to monitor the trending of my BGs.

Any advice?

of course not!!! Great to hear you like Gear 2 and it works well for you.

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Hey Kate.

I would think they would eventually have an Android version. I know the Dex Follow App works on Android.

Maybe you could get someone to help with Nightscout or just jump to the dark side and go Apple. LOL.

Which version of Android would they build it for? That is my suspicion for why the iOS app came first. It’s just easier to know which hardware you will be working with. If I am understanding it correctly, the current Android Dexcom apps for “Share” don’t reach out via Bluetooth to the Dexcom monitor, but instead display data from a server. It is a lot easier to write an app for that more specific context.

I’m frankly not sure how Dexcom is going to deliver apps which let “Android” phones connect to their monitors (or the G5 when it comes out). For that matter, I’m not sure how Medtronic will do it either when their “Me too!” version of share eventually becomes available.

So the only solution is to convert to Appleism :grimacing: and lose the familiarity of my Samsung Galaxy phone if I want my Dexcom on my watch? Or be like a former boss (who had degrees from University of Texas and Texas A & M**) and have both Apple and Samsung products?
Why can’t life be simple?

**UT and A & M = rivalry one or the other not both.

Kate – I understand. My switch to the Apple ecosystem was reluctant and slow. I was first given an iPod as a gift. I signed onto iTunes using my Dell laptop. I was immediately impressed that I didn’t have to learn a lot to make my iPod work and keep it updated.

When my Dell died, I bought a MacBook laptop. Within a year I bought my first iPhone and never looked back. I love the way that my Mac, apple router, iPhone, and watch all work together well. Their helpline is staffed with articulate and competent workers.

I know Apple vs. Android will always be the subject of debate. I don’t regret my move to Apple and feel I get good value out of their technology. I’ve had my Apple Watch for three weeks now and like how it makes my blood glucose a closer yet less controlling part of my life, if that contradiction makes any sense!

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Thanks Terry4 for the feedback! That makes me feel better to hear from an Android convert. :grinning: I’ve only heard good things about Apple products from my computer friends. They’ve tried for years to bring me over to the “dark” side.

Who would have thought diabetes would be catalyst to make me take a second look at Apple or even try to be tech savvy? The Apple Watch would be a major convenience for me during my monthly infusions since my BGs are a rollercoaster during that time period and I really hate sitting there poking myself every 30 minutes. Also, I only have one very tiny, workable vein in my left arm for my infusion anyway–sitting 2 hours nonstop with my arm straight out while trying to checking my sugars is pretty awkward to say the least. :anguished

Just keep chanting to myself “Change is good.”

The point I thought I was trying to make is more along the lines of that it will take longer and probably not work with all Android phones/watches(?) when the apps finally show up.

I don’t know squat about smartphones, but I think the Samsung Galaxy is a rather popular one. If that is the case then it is very likely you will get an Android app to connect to your Dexcom monitor (and eventually G5). Not sure which watch you would sync it to or how that would work.

But, yes, if you want it to happen sooner rather than later then that would mean buying space in Steve Job’s walled garden.

Sorry I-R John that my humor didn’t translate over the Net. But yes, I understand that I will have increase Steve Jobs’ estate unfortunately. My bad humor fell flat, but I was trying to also say what you eloquently said that the software for the Dexcom is the gold that I am looking for.

Thanks for the feedback John! Especially for a non-technie like me. Greatly appreciated.