My BG Since the beginning of march


This is not good.

well… they’re not perfect. But, there are some good ones in there (133, 159). When they are good, what are you doing?

I have NO idea what i’m doing…My sugars have just been BAD this month. I have no idea why.

Yes i do pump. I’ve had mine since Summer of 09.

Hm. Normally i will have cheerios for breakfast with some yogurt and fruit.
Now HERES where my problem lies. II am supposed to check my BG every 3 hours so that it is accurate. If i eat in the middle of those 3 hours then it will NOT be accurate. My problem is i snack. I don’t snack on bad stuff but i don’t snack on free foods. So then i have to delay my BG check for another 3 hours or so. Then i test and it’s usually bad because of what i ate. (It usually consists of carbs. so thats why my sugar is still high) At that point its dinner and i usually go to bed before i get the chance to test a third time. Plus i get up really late almost every day so that throws my eating schedule off.

I do carb count. (Well. I try) I am usually catching myself guesstimating rather than taking the time to look through my Calorie King book and adding it up Because i know the carbs for almost everything i eat. My Insulin to carb ratio is 1 unit for every 8 carbs. It was 15 when i first started about 2 years ago and they had to keep adjusting it because of my blood sugar. Also last year my A1C was 8.3. An d i get it tested again on Tuesday. So i’m really freaking out.

I’m with Danny on this. You cared enough to record your readings and you cared enough to write this blog.

Please give yourself some credit. You have a lot going for you. You care about this and you have already started doing the things that will let you get control over this.

You have already noted that sometimes you don’t have accurate carb counts. If you are already logging, why don’t you log your carbs and just place an asterisk next to the readings where you overate or felt you didn’t count your carbs properly. Then you can deal with the separate issues of properly bolusing for carbs and properly counting your carbs.

There are people out there who just don’t care. You care and you can do something about your blood sugar control. What I try to do is write everything down and always follow my insulin regime. Count the carbs, bolus correctly and at the right time and then check at the right times and if I need to correct, I correct. Life is full of complications and distractions, but I try to keep a focus on the things I need to do.

And remember, any meal or snack that you eat should be propelry covered by a carb bolus. Eating between meals is not a reason to skip you bolus. Consider making your snacks low carb, nuts, cottage cheese, etc. That will help.

Well let me be the 4th to say you cared enough to log your BG numbers which is more than what some people do so yes you need to give yourself some credit! As for the carbs counting trust me when I say no one counts carbs 100% of the time 100% perfectly. You see the need for a change and that is good as well. Don’t let food tell you when to test shot for the proper amount of test first then you can see where changes need to be made. and just take it one test at a time. You will get this it just takes time.

Ok, back 15 years ago, I didnt care for testing. I would forget or figure as long as I was stable (even at 200) that was ok. It wasnt. The trick I found was the freestyle flash. I could test on my arm which made me feel much better about testing. Its not as accurate, but being between 100-200 and off by 30mg beats not testing and being 400.

On tuesday, tell your endo the truth. Tell them your freaked, it sucks, and your not testing like you want to be. You are making good attempts and that counts for a lot and shows you have a desire to do this, but its tough (on all of us) and some help would make control a lot easier. Its ok to ask them. This is what your parents are paying them to do. To help you, so use them for what they are good at.