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Hello everyone!

You may remember me from this thread. Open Source Medical Devices - I want to change things
I’m 27, a T1D, and have many hobbies.
I’m still working away on the meter and other various projects, including the xDrip project(making a custom circuit board for it). Anyway, on top of all the electronics and tech and things like that, I’m an avid photographer and more recently a videographer.

I decided to start a daily vlog and you can check it out here
I’m on day 55, actually editing right now. haha

Every night I put together a short “film” of my day. I like to call them films because often they’re more than just me talking, I like to put in a lot of time-lapse footage and cool scenes like that. I don’t really talk about my diabetes at all. Mostly its me getting out, exploring and adventuring, and focusing on being active, happy, and to be positive on life. Although I do occasionally include some scenes of me making my homemade low-carb ice cream and low-carb homemade chocolate(kind of a how-to ;)). I’m sure eventually I will do some more personal stuff on the T1D, but not sure when, it all just sort of happens no planning. The first 10 are of a road-trip I made with my girlfriend, which was also the learning curve for the vlog. It was a great time.

Here are some favourite days of mine:

I hope you enjoy them.
Any other filmers/vloggers/photographers?


Hi Sean,

Can you post your recipes for the chocolate and ice cream? I can’t find the videos. Thanks!

Absolutely. The videos aren’t really a real how-to the chocolate is just a quick thing.

The recipes use Stevia as the primary sweetener so if you don’t like it, you won’t like these. I love it. Also I use the small little spoon as a measurement, that comes with the stevia, I haven’t gotten around to actually seeing what its amount is… I will look into it.

Ice-cream is simple.

Vanilla Ice Cream - 2 quart machine:
6 cups of 35% Heavy Whipping Cream
18 Scoops of Stevia(tiny spoon)
2 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
1 Tbsp Baking Splenda.

Pour into icecream maker of choice. I make a chocolate for icecream which I melt every night and pour onto icecream and Walden Farms Caramel.

Icecream chocolate:
48g Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate(2 Pieces)
8 Tbsp of Coconut Oil
14 Scoops Stevia(small spoon)

Melt and pour on icecream. It hardens and creates an awesome crunchy creamy low carb snack, which I eat every night after dinner. Lots of energy in it. I swear I could live on it.

Now for the snacking chocolate.

To make 2 Cups of Chocolate:
Start by laying out some chocolate moulds, this will take some trial and error to find out how many you need. I add coconut shavings and raw almonds to mine :smile:
Add the following ingredients to a double boiler, if no double boiler slowly heat in microwave in safe Pyrex measuring cup (2 cup) - heat until liquid:
120g of Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate
50g Cocao Butter
130g of Coconut Oil
These are all loose values as you will see why later.

Once liquid add:
16 Scoops Stevia(small spoon)
1 Tbsp Baking Splenda

At this point the stevia and splenda will not mix with the solution very well and may end up sticking to whatever you use to stir it with. This is because the two do not mix well with the oil solution. This is where the next part comes in.
If you used a double boiler pour the solution into a measuring cup or something that you can easily pour with, needs to have at least 2 cups in volume. Try to get all of the sweetening stuff with it with a tool of sorts, it may want to stick to the bowl.
Start adding 35% heavy whipping cream and stirring continuously. The cream will take a bit of work to whip into the chocolate, if you see little balls of cream floating around, more whipping needed. You need to be quick at this part as the chocolate may begin to thicken up from cooling off. Warming the cream can help. I use one of those latte cream frothers to stir now and its much better.
Pour into the individual chocolate moulds and put into freezer. They are not shelf stable unfortunately because of the coconut oil and cream. I leave a container in the freezer and snack on one mid day every day. So good.

I think I’ve made chocolate and icecream in multiple videos. Ill post them.
Icecream at some point in the middle:


There is another one where I make chocolate but I can’t find it! So many vlogs haha Enjoy.

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Thanks Sean,

These look good! I’m going to try them.