My daughter with diabetes and celiac disease

Hi! My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in August and I was totally shocked. We were all in shock but got through it and have been managing it pretty well. My daughter is such a trooper and I am so proud of her. I still cry some days just thinking about what could happen to her in the future. She just turned 11 this week and was just dianosed with celiac disease so now our lives have changed even more. Just having diabetes seemed so much easier than having both diseases. Luckily she is such a good eater she is doing pretty well but I am having a hard time. The stress has really taken a toll on me and my family. I also have two younger children to take care of so it has been a challenge. Any encouraging words would be appreciated.

Welcome to TuDiabetes April! I am glad that you joined our community. You certainly have been through a lot dealing with diabetes and celiac is not simple… so I hope that you can find the support that you need (from this community and elsewhere as well!!)…

We have a group for people with celiac and a group for parents of children with diabetes.

Feel free to turn to us whenever you need support! It helps to know that you are not alone! Your daughter will find a way to live whatever life she dreams of! Look around this community and see all the amazing people who live life with type 1 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words. I really need it right now. Enjoy the holidays!

Hi April -

I am just seeing your blog for the first time today. I hope you are doing better than back in December. How is your daughter doing? It is exhausting just dealing with the diabetes, I can’t imagine being even more limited in food choices. My daughter is 9 diagnosed about a year ago. She sounds alot like yours, a trooper, going with the flow (most of the time). She has been getting stomach aches and the past few days her BG has been through the roof and I can not seem to get it back in control. How do they test for celiac disease? Does this sound familiar to you? What were the signs? Thanks for any advice. Keep up the good work.