My daughter


I found out the hard way, that my daughter has gastroparesis. We found out the month of February 2008. I took my daughter to the primary dr, so she can her refill on her acid reflux meds. Primary dr. then has us make an appointment with the dr, he in turned listed very carefully on what my daughter had to say. With in a few days the dr scheduled her for an upper EEG, then later on an upper GI.

The EEG showed that she still had large amounts of food still in her stomach. Not good. The upper GI showed that she had delayed emptying in her stomach, small bowels and large bowels. Ok, so that answered some of our questions on what was going on. Dr that did the testing stated that this is nothing that he can do. frustrating to say the least.

After several weeks, a friend emailed me with some information about Gastroparesis, and a Doctors name. Called. THREE month waiting period. But I was happy to get her in.


sorry, to hear this. i’ve had years of troubles with a compacted colon, a bile duct obstruction and gall bladder removal. all i can recommend is do what i do. small meals 6 times a day. 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm. hope that helps!


I really hate to hear that in a young person! I’ve had the gasteroparasis and acid reflux thing going on for awhile but then again I’m 45 now after taking this at 10 I kinda expect things to screw up


hi michelle, im sorry to hear this. i have severe gastroparesis and have had feeding tubes and now have the gastric pacemaker. if you have any questions feel free to ask away or just vent, im here too!


landileigh is correct… if eating is possible, very small meals and no fat or fiber… fat and fiber STOP digestion AND obviously mushy things are easier to eat. if shes lost a lot of weight try ensure or boost to make sure shes getting nutrition. it can be a very stressful disease. is hers diabetic gastroparesis or idiopathic?