My Dexcom Died this Morning! RIP

So, this was the WEIRDEST thing.

After only having my Dexcom for about 3 weeks, I am woken up by this TERRIBLE looooong beep and violent vibrations coming from my Dexcom.

I thought maybe my sugar was low.. but this alarm was something I've never heard before.

I find it a bit funny actually, but It terrified the crap out of me. It was charging in the wall when it happened. At EXACTLY 5am I'm hearing this loud beep and I look at the screen and there is an exclamation mark and an error code that I failed to remember... Then, the screen went blank. WHAT?

I didn't know what to do so I called product support. They gave me no explanation as to why my Dex did that, but told me that they will be overnighting me a new receiver and a replacement sensor.

I'm not upset, my Dex is still covered by the warranty, but dear LORD, that was a terrifying experience.

I couldn't help but feel a bit helpless and lost at that moment.

Has this happened to anyone?

Sooo weird O.o![|373x480](upload://70sCmK8MpeHtxXBfNqtRx9Hl3hc.jpeg)

Ask for the G4, I think they replace it for free if you had bought your Dex recently. 3 months in your case

what? Evidently I have NOT been educated on this G4.. I'm gonna call back tonight and see what the availability is! thanks! :)

My receiver did not die with a shrieking alarm. Mine went from working fine to have no response to any button pushes. It would do things like alarm because it was out of range but I couldn't dismiss the alarm. So I put it in a far away drawer until it totally ran out of battery power.

I had already purchased a new system, so I just started using the new receiver.

But then miracle of miracles. I recharged the old receiver and it came back to life and is working perfectly. I continue to use the old receiver because it's vibration alarm is much stronger than the new one and I never miss an alert. Also it has a bigger range. With the old one, I never lose a signal when I'm in the shower. With the new one, I lose it every time. Very weird the difference between the two receivers.

I've already ordered my upgrade to Gen4 and am super excited.

Right. I still have yet to do much extensive research on the G4.

Did you have to purchase the Gen4 or is it covered under warranty for you?

The problem is that I JUST received my placement receiver today. I had midterms today so I wasnt able to call and cancel the order.

I'm hoping they'll let me replace the new one for the G4 :) It's suuuper exciting!

It's times like these that I'm excited about being diabetic.. we get to play with new technology ;)

No, you have to have bought your Dex 7+ within 30 days, meaning Sept. or Oct. I bought mine in August, and have to pay the $399 upgrade fee. SO close, and yet SO far! :-(

I got the dexcom on sept 21st this year..

OHH noo! August.. pooo :( well, I pretended to not be eligible for the upgrade to see what they'd quote me.. someone said about 125 and then another 125 they'd bill next time.. so only 250.. You shouldve gotten it for 250 not 399.. why did they bill you more?? :/

I am paying $399 for the upgrade because my system is still under warranty. This payment is out-of-pocket with no insurance coverage. The only people who can get the upgrade for free are those whose new systems shipped on or after 9/1/12. If your system is out of warranty, Dexcom will work with your insurance to get you the Gen4.

If your original system shipped after 9/1 you’ll be eligible for a free upgrade. If it shipped in August and you didn’t use it until September, you’re out of luck.

But give Dexcom a call and find out from them what your options are.