My Dexcom G6 Hatred!

Hey all, I’m new here and just wanted to blow off a little steam. Back in January my insurance forced me to change to the Dexcom G6, and my Endo thought that I would be very pleased with it. So, I didn’t actually start using it until around the first of March and after receiving it I thought, okay I am using what seem to be latest and greatest CGM devices. Well, I found out that it wouldn’t work with my Android phone that I purchased 7 months ago, and the sensor would have to be placed on my stomach. Okay, well that means that I would need to keep the reader always within 20ft. of me, which I am not able to do. Btw, I am a Master Electrician for a north Texas school district that requires me to crawl under buildings on my stomach sometimes. So the sensor placement is a no bueno! So my Endo was able to get my insurance to cover me back with the Freestyle Libre and life is good again! Oh, I don’t really hate Dexcom, It’s just not for me and more about loving living the Freestyle!

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I’ve had the G6 for pretty close to 2 years and have only ever worn it on my arms. I guess it was FDA approved for stomach but you don’t have to wear it there.

I’ve called dexcom for sensor replacements and they always ask where I had it and they’ve never complained about it being on my arm.

I’m sorry you didn’t find a way to make the G6 work for you. If you want to give it another shot, you most definitely do not have to place the sensor on your abdomen. That’s just the only place they’re allowed to tell you, because that’s guess they did it in their clinical trials. In practice, you should be able to place it anywhere you can “pinch an inch”. It works best in fatty tissues. I use the front of my arms for Dexcom sites and leave the very back of them for infusion sets. (Personal preference so the dexcom can communicate easily with my insulin pump which is always in front of me).

I’m also an Android user. I have an old Pixel that the dexcom app works with, but quite frankly, it sucks. You can run Xdrip+ on just about any Android phone as a Dexcom receiver (and not carry the other one at all), It’s so much better than the stock Dexcom app and it’s fully customizable.


Do you get alerts with Libre? I know older ones required scan to see bg and trend.
The next version of dexcom is G7, and wiil be combined sensor+transmitter similar to Libre.

It nice to have choices, but a pain dealing with insurance.

My CDE said the newest Libre is not yet ready for release in the US, but coming soon. Why I chose the Dex even though I loved the Libre…I never have had alarms before and I think it’s helping me feel more brave to bolus. I don’t feel my lows and was always afraid of rapid drops.

I’ve onluy used arms, and it’s working very well.

I have used my inner thighs and have no problems. I wear it around a palm width below my crouch and there is enough meat to receive good readings so far. I do not crawl under buildings like OP.

I have heard that complaint before from a gentleman who did roof installation. I NEVER put it on my stomach. It ruins my womanly figure if I do that. I’m glad you like your Libre, though.

Thank for all of the great replies and advice. I may need it if I have to resort back to the Dexcom. A few other things, I just recently discovered is that I can scan my Libre with my phone, which is an added bonus now. Although, I did like the low alert from the Dexcom. I did research on the sensor placement for the Dexcom and did notice some applied it to their arms, but when I called Dexcom technical support, they said that it can only be placed on my stomach. So, I kinda rolled with the info that I was given from Dexcom…

They are not ALLOWED by the FDA to state anything that wasn’t included in their clinical trials and wasn’t submitted as part of the official approval documentation. Medical devices will always be accompanied by an approved script which tech/patient support have to use, and does not stray from the permitted usage. That in no way reflects the actual capabilities of the device, just what they’re permitted to say about it. Anecdotal evidence of everyone using it “off label”, in a manner different than the official recommended use, will demonstrate the real capabilities.


Okay, well my Endo didn’t suggest trying it on my arm either, so I left it at that. But, with it not working with my phone may have been the biggest issue that really frustrated me.

That is true, however, sensor placement can be elsewhere according to Dexcom. When talking to Dexcom, they will tell you that they can’t recommend any other positions for placing their sensor but to review your issues with your doctor and your doctor can permit other placement. This is what Dexcom has told me on several occasions in the past.

With the transmitter built into to sensor, I wonder if you can still restart the sensor after running it’s 10 days life. I suspect the g7 will not allow this so we will pay the high price.

It will run 14 days instead of 10, and hoping lower cost similar to Libre. Will just have to wait and see, but likely no restart. But G6 would still be available for some time.

@Mpro2 you can also get a miao miao to attach to your libre to give it alerts. Although right now it might be difficult, I think it comes from China??? Anyone know?

Please enlighten me?

Thank you, I will check it out!

Or checkout the Blucon Nightrider.

I use it on my arms, stomach and sometimes thighs. All work just fine for me and I think the company knows this but can’t say that bc it was only officially FDA approved with the stomach In adults