My Dumb Left Foot is STILL just a Dumb Left Foot

It went bad 3/12/06 with an insect bite (spider or centipede to the heel). Nerve damage to heel and systemic reaction—dangerously high fever, loss of control of bodily functions, etc. But morphed somehow over the years. NEVER unaware of the foot. Sometimes it is numb (I take off my left shoe so I can feel the clutch in our car. And if there is weight on it for more than a few minutes, it hurts. A lot. I always assumed neuropathy (though BS not high eneough yet). But nope. Three docs and all those tests they do. It’s not neuropathy. Wednesday saw foot Doc.

But between the Dumb Left Foot and the arthritic right knee, walking is difficult and requires a cane. While this is seriously depressing, I hate not knowing what is wrong. Kaiser certainly doesn’t know. Anybody here have alternative ideas?

Acupuncture gives relief for 24-36 hours, bless their loving hearts (Working Class Acupuncture, a national network, 15-35 dollars sliding scale). But that’s all I’ve got…Best to all. You have all sustained me for years…

Those creatures spooks me…anything actually that has more than 4 legs! LOL But I didn’t realize that their venom can cause such concern even for prolonged period of time. Thanks for the post Judith…I love to hang around the garden area and often I see spiders and some creepy crawlies…gotta be careful.
Sorry to hear about the pain…I hope they can do something a bit more permanent.

Oh,Judith. How dreadful. Something to try is cold laser therapy. It often works wonders. Cold laser is usually done in a series of ten treatments. Not invasive. Wonder if your acupuncurist has one.

It sounds like they ruled out neuropathy but does that mean that there is no problem with the nerves? It really sounds like some sort of nerve issue. I know meds aren’t usually the first choice but it sounds like this is significantly affecting you. Maybe neurontin or Lyrica may give you relief? I have restless leg syndrome and it got bad enough I decided to try Lyrica. Starting it is not too fun but I became acclimated to it and it helped quite a bit. Anyway I wish you luck because I know these types of things are never fun especially when no one can tell you exactly what is wrong :frowning:

Judith, I have no ideas, but want to tell you my heart goes out to you. Ambulatory problems are AWFUL for a head that is still dancing!!

I asked my doc to put me on Lyrica for Restless Legs, as Moss Dog is doing, but she wouldn’t consider it. :frowning:

Big hugs, dear friend. My acupuncture vet recommended cold laser for my Gracie’s arthritis & I’ve been looking into the many conditions it can treat.

In the hopes that what’s helping her may also give you some relief for your knee, here goes. Magnesium chloride (a member sent me a ton of info on the benefits of this form of Mg, also helpful for fibro), krill oil (a wonderful, environmentally sustainable source of EFA for inflammation), MK-7 (Vit K 2 essential for proper bone formation) & Phytoprofen. Links below are the best prices I’ve found.

Best I can describe it is a dampening of those seemingly on fire nerves. It does not take it away but it certainly does make life more tolerable. I think if you decide to try it is important to remember that these are pretty strong meds and the first week or two you may not get a whole lot of benefit from them and you WILL get all the side effects. I wanted to go off the meds fairly soon after I started them but my Doc talked me in to giving it more time. I am glad I did! The side effects diminished after about 2 weeks and at about a month they were mostly gone. At one month is when I started getting the full benefit as well. I described it as dampening the nerve- well this was the side effect for me also as my mental processes seem to be dampened too and I think I am still getting residual from that (have been on for about 6 months) but the benefit outweighs ANY of the side effects. Wishing you luck in finding relief! I really really have a whole lot of sympathy for what you are going through. Hang in there!

That is silly. Lyrica is off label for RLS but it is part of the common treatment algorithims that neurologists and sleep medicine docs use. Maybe your doc is concerned because it is a scheduled drug by the DEA? It has really helped me!